The Ninja Review

I recently mentioned a new appliance we added to our collection and a couple people commented on how they had been thinking of purchasing one. To help anyone else out there, I thought I could do an informal review of it.

Note: I paid for this blender myself and have nothing to do with the Ninja company. They have no idea who I am and obviously didn’t pay me. They can if they want to though.

During an afternoon trip to Costco a few weeks ago, we came across an end-cap of Ninja blenders. I had never heard of them, so when Brody suggested buying it, we looked online for reviews. On Amazon, it has a 3.6 our of 5 stars. After humming and hawing for a few minutes, we put it in the cart.

For $100, we got two pitchers, five attachments, and a recipe book. Although it claims to be able to knead dough, make nut butters, and juice, I have only used it for making smoothies.

Yesterday I made a smoothie for an afternoon snack. In the mix: frozen banana, frozen strawberries, crushed ice, and coconut water.

PROS: The pitcher locks, so there’s no chance of smoothie on the ceiling and you do not have to hold the top as it works. Compared to the six year old Black and Decker blender, this one is very quiet. It suctions tightly to the countertop; I often walk away and do something else in the kitchen while it’s working. It also seems like I don’t need as much liquid as I used to, which produces a thicker, creamy treat.

CONS: After about a minute of blending, I stop it to scrap the sides. In my experience, the chunks of fruit or ice do not incorporate without this intermission. Unlike the smoothie I made a few days ago (which was almost like soft serve), this one still had a few chunks of ice in it. This probably was just from not blending it long enough, which was another minute after scraping the sides.

Final verdict?

I like it…for smoothies; I need to allow it to blend a little longer than I think it needs and may even want to scrap the sides a second time. While some may find this annoying, I am okay with it because of all the other pros I listed above. For a more complete review, I should try using it for its other functions and include that in this review. There’s no way I can justify spending the oodles of money for the Vitamix, and this seems to be and look like his little cousin.

All this talk about smoothies is making me hungry…and thirsty…mmmm. I already know what I am having for an afternoon snack.

Do you have a Ninja or a Vitamix?
What is your favorite small/medium appliance?


12 thoughts on “The Ninja Review

  1. I have a Ninja too that i like…but if i compare it with my friend Vitamix, the best one is without a doubt the Vitamix:)) (the cost is not the same , 90$ fr the Ninja and nearly 400$ for the Vitamix!)

  2. I love my ninja! It beats the heck out of the old, random brand food processor that I used to have. Scraping the sides can get bothersome, but it’s definitely not as noisy as some of the others can be so I love that. My favorite thing to make is banana ice cream! A couple of frozen bananas with either some frozen berries, mango, or nut butter blends up to a nice soft-serve consistency. SO GOOD!

    • I totally agree about the quietness of it – now I don’t have to worry about waking my husband up when I use it at 6am. I haven’t made the banana soft serve yet, but I like the idea of adding mango (my favorite fruit). Thanks!

  3. Oh I love the ninja. It was without a doubt my favorite kitchen appliance. However, when I moved to Kuwait and plugged it into the outlet ((with what I thought could handle the voltage since we bought a thing for it)). it blew!! 😦

  4. I bought one! yay! Can’t wait to try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes…..and bc I can’t possibly buy just 1 thing I got new bar stools for behind the couch so you can sit at the new counter. So I could possibly run a smoothie shop out of my kitchen now!

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