I Like to Move It, Move It

Who had crazy red, splotchy face this morning? This girl!

No, it wasn’t from crying but from kicking my own ass at the gym this morning (and kind of this week). I read Janae’s post while eating breakfast which included an inspiration poster saying “Either you can be sore tomorrow or you can be sorry tomorrow” or something like that. It motivated me to have a great workout this morning, and now I feel awesome about being lazy for the rest of this dreary afternoon, eating popcorn from a real popcorn machine and watching Journey 2 with the kids I nanny.

On Sunday I set a goal for myself: run ten miles this week. I got three in on Tuesday before kickboxing and another three in today after kickboxing. In case you’re wondering, running before kickboxing was way easier. I have also gone to BodyPump twice this week already and upped my squat weight both days (10kg on each side). Go me! Tomorrow is looking like a perfect rest day.

Training for the marathon, I pushed my body, but to be honest, I didn’t think it was all that hard. Once I got in the groove of a run, I could relax and chat it up with my running partners. Unlike other people who train, I did not include hills, tempos, or speed workouts; this probably would’ve made training a lot more intense than what I experienced. I also didn’t sweat much during my long runs. This could’ve been the cooler temps or the fact that I wasn’t going balls to the wall. If anything, I would finish my long runs with a dry, salt-crusted face (I did drink water during all runs).

As much as I liked the routine of marathon training, I love the flexibility of my workouts now. This will not be the case during the school year when I a) often have 30-45 minutes to work out, b) have limited options for classes at 5:30am, and c) have little motivation to leave my house after bringing the dogs to the park after work and it being after 6:00pm. My body also feels a little tighter now and I have been sore in parts of my body besides my legs (yah for back muscles).

I read an interesting article that completely bashed Crossfit. It was humorous (at least from my standpoint as someone who has never been to Crossfit but has a spouse who did it), except I disagreed with two of his arguments.

He first knocks on group exercise classes. From Brody’s experience of pushing himself beyond his limits, I can see how a group exercise setting can be detrimental…to some people in some situations. But for most people, Brody included, being in a group setting motivates and inspires. I love having other people around me, even if I never say a word to them. The group exercise classes at my gym have kept me from getting in an elliptical or treadmill rut. Needless to say, I am a huge advocate of group exercise.

The other point I disagree with is that Crossfit doesn’t train you for anything. I ran a lot because I was training for a race, but 99% of people who go to Crossfit will never participate in the Crossfit Games. So what? Isn’t being in good shape and getting those endorphins flowing enough of a reason to move your body? Or maybe someone is training to get down to a healthy weight. Being in good shape is training for the long, healthy, and happy life I hope to continue leading.

Okay, workout-related rant over.

And if you need some inspiration like I did this morning, here are some of the favorites I found.




Have a great night! I am off to see Garbage and The Flaming Lips!

Do you like group exercise classes? If so, which ones and why? If not, why not?
How do you stay motivated to work out if you don’t have a set goal (e.g. race, weight, etc.)?


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