How’d You Find Me?

It’s time for another look at what brought people to PoG. I have been adding to this list for a few weeks and have chosen the cream of the crop for you.

I don’t say it enough, but however you came to be a reader, I appreciate you! Thanks for reading about my semi-interesting life, commenting, and liking my posts. You guys rock!

Sauce on my nips
Three hits with this one! However, this was not the kind of blog I intended to start.

Can you do BodyPump in Croatia
The better question is why would you want to do BP in Croatia? If you’re on vacation, leave all the Les Mills classes behind for a week and relax (or swim, walk on the beach, snorkel, drink, etc.).

Pornstar works at Trader Joes
Again, not the genre I was hoping to get in to. I do not know a pornstar, let alone one who has a side job at Trader Joe’s.

Monica peeing
The only Monica I know is from Run Eat Repeat and she doesn’t blog about her bathroom visits, and neither have I.

Romeo dog aldi
This one is confusing, so I won’t even try.

Can rhabdomyolysis happen overnight
Yes, but not while you’re sleeping. One must intensely overexert his or herself to cause severe muscle tissue breakdown and subsequent cola-colored urine and a week long stay in a hospital.

Shot taken from boat in Croatia
I don’t know if the shot this person is referring to is a photographic shot or an alcoholic shot. While in Croatia, we took lots of photos but no shots of liquor. We were more into the wine. Last weekend, though, Bridget did force me to take a shot of whiskey.

Oreo truffle bombs
Ummm, delicious. Please tell me where I can find a recipe for these on my blog.

Big calves
Yup, I got those. I blame my mother. They do help me run, though, and for that, I appreciate them.

What is crypto diet
It is the best and cheapest diet ever! First you ingest poo water, then you stay close to a bathroom, and then you weigh less. It is magical.

Do I have fat calves
Compared to mine, probably not. It does also depend on the size of your ankles.

Oh WordPress – you give me random stuff to know about the blog. Now only if you would stop being a jerk and quit deleting my post updates. I know I’m not the only one – Liz shared her frustrations too.


2 thoughts on “How’d You Find Me?

  1. Bahahahaha I love this! I looked at some of the most recent search terms to land people at my little blog earlier today. My favorite one was “young hottie hunts deer” – I do hunt deer, but I’m fairly positive I have never (and would never) refer to myself as young hottie. Ha. I also get “Payton Manning’s wife” searched a lot – but that’s not me either. 😉 Porn star works at TJ’s was my favorite one on your list!!!!

    • Yours are awesome and so complimentary! Much better than “big calves” and “sauce on nips” – ha! Also, I looked up Manning’s wife and don’t think you guys look much alike – you are much cuter and younger 🙂

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