I Do What I Want

Normally I have a purpose, theme or topic in mind before I post. Today we’re going to play a little game called I Do What I Want (which was kind of a catchphrase during our European vacation). Basically, think stream of consciousness. Obviously my fingers cannot keep up with my brain so this isn’t a true look into my brain (that’d be scary and my readers would drop to just my sister, Bridget and maybe Brody), but let’s see where this goes!

When I’m not working, albeit still getting a paycheck from my teaching job and nannying, I like to help out financially by selling stuff on Craigslist. Currently I have a blender, a deep fryer, and a red car bow for sale (know anyone in the market for those?), and soon a 62″ tv with a stand will be added to that list. I also like to sell stuff to Half Price Books. Unfortunately, I end up finding more books to leave with which kind of defeats the purpose.

Young adult books for my classroom library – both a success and a failure


This morning I worked up a killer sweat by first running three miles. I set a simple goal for myself: run ten miles this week. In thirty minutes I ran at a 0.5% incline at 6.1 for ten minutes, 6.2 for another ten, and 6.3 to finish out the half an hour. After a five minute cool down, I booked it over to my favorite class ever – BodyCombat/kickboxing with Christina. Lots of roundhouse and front kick repeats will give me major red face.


Natalie’s post about starting school again sums up my feelings exactly, but unlike her, I still have a few weeks of summer left. Here’s how my life changes:

Summer: Wake up between 6:30 and 7:00am
School year: Wake up between 5:00 and 5:45

Summer: Work out in the morning around 9:00, often taking a class
School year: Work out at 5:15, either running or BodyPump

Summer: Eat breakfast while leisurely watching The Today Show
School year: Eat breakfast while driving or carpooling to work, often grading or reading at the same time (not while I am driving)

Summer: Eat lunch whenever I am hungry and decide at the moment what I’m in the mood for
School year: A schedule tells me when I eat lunch (either at 10:45, 11:45, or 12:45) and eat whatever I packed for myself the night before

Okay, you get the idea. It is a huge shift in my lifestyle going both ways. Although the summer’s freedom is fantastic (i.e. I literally do what I want), by the middle of August I am ready for a routine again. I am also ready to instill the love of literature and the English language in my students (sounds sarcastic but not meant to be).


Did you know that if you stick your tongue out while chopping onions, your eyes won’t water? My other onion trick for you comes from Bridget: stick your face in the freezer to stop onion tears. Both work quite well. I used the tongue trick while preparing dinner for tonight. Check back in tomorrow for the recipe and whether or not it will make the regular rotation of dinners.

Have a great Tuesday! I am off to Target, the grocery store, and Half Price Books. I need to take advantage of the freedom to spend money whenever I want before it’s gone (my freedom, not money).

Do you sell or buy things on Craigslist?
What was your workout today?
What cooking tricks do you have up your sleeve?


One thought on “I Do What I Want

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I totally agree with all your points about changing schedules, and also about being ready to instill a love for literature in our students!!! I am in the market for some extra books for my classroom library – any suggestions (7th grade)???

    I totally do the tongue thing when chopping onions and it definitely works! Also, to get the onion or garlic smell of my hands I have a stainless steel bar of “soap” that totally does the trick. Before I had that, I just rubbed my hands on our stainless faucet.

    My workout was running 3.25 miles this morning and then teaching SHRED tonight. 🙂 Enjoy your last couple weeks of freedom!

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