Weekend Mornings

Good Sunday morning!

I love mornings, especially weekend mornings. Never in my life have I been able to sleep in; sleeping until nine as a teenager was very rare for me. As I get older, I find it easier to wake up earlier and even more difficult to sleep in, even when I don’t get to bed until 12:30am (ahem, last night). But aren’t Sundays made for naps? I think a little cat nap on the couch is in my future.

Yesterday morning, I took advantage of the quiet morning to sit on our back deck and finish reading The Atlas of Love. Considering I started this book Thursday afternoon, you could say I really liked it.

This morning, I used my free, quiet time to make breakfast: zucchini bread pancakes. Smitten Kitchen has incredible recipes (including Brody’s favorite cookie recipe) and I stumbled upon this post yesterday. Her witty commentary about zucchini made me chuckle and nod my head in agreement.

Besides accidentally using three eggs instead of two (I spooned a little out), I followed the recipe exactly. As she suggests, I used half a cup of whole wheat flour and half a cup of white.

The recipe yielded twelve pancakes for me. They were thick, slightly doughy, and golden. I topped mine with plain yogurt mixed with maple syrup and blueberries.

Eight pancakes remain for Brody (if he ever wakes up).

Have a wonderful Sunday!

What do you like to do weekend mornings?
How do you use the abundance of zucchinis in the summertime?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Mornings

  1. Girl, you know I’m swimming in zucchini down here haha. We use it in stir fry, soups, juices, pasta dishes, etc. I also like to shred it finely or use the mandolin and use it as noodles.

    Weekend morning are the BEST (unless I have to work) – sleeping in until at least 7:30 or 8 and then relaxing, reading, cooking a good breakfast, catching up on blogs…I just love them!

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