I Heart Sailboats, Caves, and Sunscreen in Croatia

While I am not having the perfect Friday like I did last week, I am still having a decent day. The tummy troubles are a little better (knock on wood) and haven’t required me to lie in bed watching a My Mom is Obsessed marathon again. That is progress.

One thing that has helped my mood is looking at pictures from our trip. When I left off last time, we had just finished up our time in Dubrovnik.

We took a ferry from Dubrovnik to Polace on the island of Mljet. I loved this place; it was quiet, beautiful, and not touristy (at least when we were there). The boys spent the afternoon hiking in the National Forest while Bridget and I rented a two-person kayak, paddled around, sunbathed on some semi-flat rocks, and swam.

Then our boat and captain arrived!

We met our captain, Maladin, checked out our new home for the next three and a half days, and left the bay we were in.


Maladin’s buddy owns a restaurant that we could eat at and dock at, so we sailed (motored actually) thirty minutes to get there.

Watching the sun set before dinner and our first night sleeping on the boat

After the sunset we ate octopus, squid, potatoes and zucchini all cooked “in the bell.” Delicious and filling! Plus we had lots of house white wine.

Sleeping that night, and every night, was hot. As you can see from the picture above, the sleeping cabins are small, and the room we had only had one small window. Brody slept on the couch in the living room every night. We are both furnaces when we sleep.

Captain JP was in heaven

Our actual captain/skipper, Maladin, didn’t really need our help operating the forty foot boat (he’s on the Croatian National Sailing Team), but JP was always happy to help out. This was great because the rest of us were happy not helping if we weren’t needed. Me = lazy.

Incredible scenery as we sailed every day

I often sat up on the front of the boat, slathered on sunscreen, and read. Over the entire trip I finished two books: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Little Bee. I started The Birth of Venus but finished it last week.

I did my fair share of relaxing

The days kind of run together from here on, so here are the highlights and more beautiful pictures that will make you want to visit Croatia yesterday.

We saw dolphins! I was positively giddy and squealed with delight. The day before I had asked Maladin if we’d see any and he thought there was a good chance.

This was WAY more than just seeing them; one “played” with our boat and swam right in front of us, swimming back and forth and jumping up often. It was only ten feet from us. I know anyone can see a dolphin at Sea World, an aquarium, or in Florida, but this was authentic.

The Green Caves

We spent a couple of hours at the Green Caves; the boys jumped off those cliffs (around forty feet) and we all swam and snorkeled.

Who is the snake and who is the mongoose?

Of course we got silly, often after some euchre and wine.

Although I don’t have a personal picture of it yet, we visited the Blue Caves also. They were beautiful and I am excited to see the pictures JP took with his waterproof camera. For now here’s a picture I borrowed with the link.

The last night on the boat, Maladin brought us to a fairly secluded bay. Other than the boat of naked French men (true story), we had a quiet space to snorkel, swim, summersault, and watch the sun set over the trees. We joked about buying the house for sale and having this piece of paradise to ourselves. Obviously that would never happen but it was fun to dream.

A crazy coincidence: I had a foreign exchange student from Croatia in one of my classes all year long. While showing her photos, she, ALLASUDS, freaked out. Her friend’s parents own that house! She pulled up her Facebook account and showed me pictures of her there two years ago.
Mildly embarrassing story: When she saw a photo of the wine we bought the first day in Dubrovnik, she giggled and told me that was the wine young kids drink to get drunk. We could tell – it was pretty bad.

Phew! Quite the post. I am kind of sad I am done recapping the vacation.

If you want more of our vacation, and I know you do, check out Bridget’s posts here, here, here, and here.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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