I Heart Stairs, Sweating, and Sunsets in Dubrovnik

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Switzerland! Brody is a great photographer, and it doesn’t hurt that he had incredible scenes to shoot.

After spending three days in Switzerland, we flew from Geneva to Dubrovnik, Croatia. A taxi drove us to the Old Town, a walled city built in 7th century.

A view of Old Town from the island of Lokrum

We stayed in an apartment with a kitchen and small bathroom on the first floor, a bedroom and bath on the second, and another bedroom and bath on the third floor. The third floor room had a killer view, so we flipped a coin for who got the room; Brody and I won!

The view from our room at night

As you can probably tell from this view, we were above most of the city. This was fantastic for the views but made for some killer stair workouts.

These were not your average stairs – we got a good burst of cardio in at least two times a day

Bridget counted just over one hundred steps from the main street, the Stradun, of Old Town.

Stradun – the main street in Old Town: lots of touristy stuff and LOTS of gelato (seriously, people were eating gelato at 10:30am)

Besides the stairs and the intense heat (it was 95 to 100 degrees every day), I loved this part of the vacation.

We explored the inside of the walled city.

We took a ferry across to Lokrum, hiked around, relaxed on the rocks, and went swimming for the first time on vacation.

Bridget and I went swimming and floated effortlessly in the Adriatic due to the high salt content

We hiked to the top of Lokrum and arrived sweaty beasts – thankfully, you can’t tell in this photo because of the shadows

We walked the walls of the city and had amazing views.

Bridget and I in warrior 2 – we did not plan to have our arms make a straight line but it looks sweet IMO

We took the cable car to the highest point of Dubrovnik to watch the sun set – I’m so glad we all decided to go because initially JP was the only one interested in it.

We ate and drank good food, and were often silly during these times.


I would highly recommend staying in the Old Town if you go to Croatia. There is a lot to do, great restaurants, and friendly people.

Up next: the sailing part of our vacation.

*Not related to my vacation, but I finally updated my Fitness Goals page.

Have you ever been to Croatia? Have any interest in visiting?
Are you more of a relaxing vacation person or an active vacation person?

4 thoughts on “I Heart Stairs, Sweating, and Sunsets in Dubrovnik

    • Please do not apologize for commenting – I love getting them! The gelato was delicious, but instead of eating it for breakfast, Bridget and I had it one afternoon. I had pistachio and Bridget had chocolate.

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