My Perfect Day

Friday may have been my most perfect day ever. Here’s how it all went down.

6:00am: Wake up with Brody and make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

6:30am: Bring the dogs to the park and walk with my dog park friends (who are all over sixty years old – ha)

7:30am: Eat a breakfast of my mom’s homemade wheat bread with peanut butter and chia seeds while watching The Today Show (so sad about the Batman movie shooting)

8:00am: Write a blog post

8:45am: Leave for yoga (30 minute drive)

9:30am: Hot yoga (Bikram) at Inner Fire Yoga; every pore of my body was sweating

11:00am: Showered and got ready at the studio (love that they have a full locker room!)

11:45am: Met Brody and a coworker/friend of his for lunch at Graze; I had the warmed beet salad with a piece of house made focaccia

12:45pm: Walked down State Street for Maxwell Street Days; didn’t buy anything (other than a monster iced coffee) but had fun looking and people watching


2:30pm: Sat on the Capitol lawn and finished reading my book, The Birth of Venus

3:00pm: Went grocery shopping at the bakery outlet, Aldi’s, and Hyvee

4:15pm: Relaxed at home on the couch, reading blogs, watching Dr. Oz, and eating a plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries

5:45pm: Head back downtown to meet up with Brody and coworkers/friends at Cooper’s Tavern for drinks

6:15pm: Sit in Cooper’s outdoor area, drank an IPA, and snacked on some fries and soft pretzels

8:00pm: Head back east to eat a quick dinner at Chipotle with Brody (salad with chicken and guac as always)

8:30pm: See the Batman movie with Brody – very good!

11:45pm: Fall into bed, exhausted, but with a smile in my face

Have you had a perfect day recently? What did you do?
What would definitely be included in your perfect day?


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