Running Future and Past

I’m home!

After an incredible vacation in Switzerland and Croatia, we made it back to our normal life Sunday afternoon.  I could probably write at least ten posts about our trip, but I’ll condense it down to two or three.  But those will have to wait because Brody is still working on editing photos (they’re “in the raw”…not even sure if that’s the correct phrase) and JP has photos I’ll want to share as well.  Patience, friends. Patience.

Before I left, I had the Madison Mini, a half marathon in Madison, in the back of my mind; if I felt like training when I got home, I’d do it.  With only four weeks, I figured I could get in a few eight to ten mile runs and at least finish the race.  However, since the weather in Wisconsin remains unforgiving, I am throwing in the towel.  Besides the weather, my body (mainly my right knee) still doesn’t feel completely normal, so I’m giving my body some time away from an intense running schedule and sticking to classes at my gym (BodyPump and kickboxing) and yoga.

As I’ve said before, I LOVED training for the marathon – the 5am weekday runs, the long Saturday runs with Mel, Tim, and sometimes other running friends, and the routine of it.  Sadly, the actual marathon was not as amazing as the training due to many factors.

I realized I hadn’t shared any of the photos Brody had taken from the finish line of the marathon.  While it wasn’t a great race and I was a little disappointed with my performance, I was still happy.

My half smile is kind of lame but I love the woman’s face next to me, half smiling, half almost crying.  We ran together for the last mile or so, and I know her husband and son were waiting for her at the finish line. Or maybe she was just looking longingly to the finish line.

Arms raised in celebration!  I was happy to be done, even if my time was over five hours.

Tim finished first of the three of us, and Brody was there to see him come in.  Tim experienced some intense cramping around mile 21 (correct me if I’m wrong Mel or Tim) and needed to walk for a bit, but as you can see, finished strong.

Mel came in next, and I would probably say had the best race out of the three of us.  She didn’t hit the wall as intensely as Tim or I (again, Mel, correct me if I’m remembering this all wrong).  I wish I could’ve stayed with her the whole time, but I didn’t want my negative attitude (a.k.a. low glycogen) rubbing off on her or slowing her down.  I love how happy yet relieved she looks in this photo.

Apparently I thought I was on the red carpet and needed to pop a knee.  Also, I wish someone would’ve told me my headband was falling off my head, but I guess after running for five hours, people don’t care about what you look like.  Regardless, I really like this photo of Brody and I.  He was so sweet and told me multiple times how proud he was of me.

Brody’s photos show me at a much better place physically and mentally than the horrendous self portrait I took at mile 19.5 (go back and find it in my race recap if you really want to see it again).  I am glad he was able to capture the joy of finishing my first marathon.

What races do you have planned for the summer or fall?
What do you do when you’re not training for a race?

2 thoughts on “Running Future and Past

  1. Ang–I know exactly how you feel with wanting to take a break. I can count the times on one hand that I’ve run outside since my marathon. I think it’s a culmination of the horrible heat, how hard we trained for our marathons and just trying to enjoy summer! You’ll get back into it in no time. I signed up for the St. Louis half in October so I need to get my butt in gear sooner than later. We should really schedule another early morning run…once we’re all up for it 🙂 Glad you had a good time on your trip!

    • I am glad I am not weird in wanting a break. It is strange because I loved training but have little desire to run. We’ll see what the fall brings, but for now I am sticking with shorter distances. I want to plan a run and brunch one of these Saturdays – are most of your weekends free or are you busy?

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