We Made It

Here is the view I woke up to this morning:

Pretty incredible. Unfortunately there is a 100% chance of rain by 1pm, yet because we’ve had such a drought in Wisconsin, I am kind of looking forward to the wet stuff. Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in a hike this morning before it comes.

Traveling went fairly well; we only had one hiccup.

Our flight out of Madison left on time, but because of storms, circled a little longer before landing. We had enough time to catch our next flight to Amsterdam; however, these same storms kept us taxiing and delayed take-off for an hour.

For the second time in my life, I ran through the Amsterdam airport like crazy people. My red Tom’s were great for sprinting, and of course the gate was super far from where we landed. Sweaty and out of breath, we got to the gate only to have the lady tell us the gate closed a minute ago. ONE minute.

After some intense sighing and a few swear words (not directed at the lady – she was kind and sympathetic), we walked back to where we started to the transfer desk.

We were pleased to discover we had already been scheduled for the next flight to Geneva a couple hours later; KLM also gave us vouchers (for food and miles) and calling cards. What good service.

In the end, we arrived in Geneva at 1:30pm (which is 6:30am central time), met up with Bridget and JP (who had their own hiccup involving a lost and retrieved wallet in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris), picked up the rental car, and drove the two hours to Brody’s dad and stepmom’s house in the Valais.


I love this place.

Have you ever had to sprint through an airport? Where and why?
Do you like flying? (I do only if there are personal tvs behind each seat, which there were for our long flight. I watched Horrible Bosses and The Artist.)


9 thoughts on “We Made It

  1. I’ve had to sprint a few times but the worse, by far, was sprinting through ATL with a 9 month old baby in one of those cheap, flimsy umbrella strollers. And the only way from terminal Z (which I don’t think is even within the same building as the proper airport) to terminal A was on several set of escalators. With a stroller. Is that even legal?! I still have nightmares.

    • I cannot imagine! Did you make the flight? It seems like when you’re in a hurry, the terminal is always on the way other end of the airport. Seeing parents traveling with their kids and all of the supplies is impressive – when we eventually have a child, I hope we can pull off bringing him/her to Switzerland.

      • We did make it, thankfully. If I remember correctly our connecting flight was actually delayed, as it always seems to happen. Traveling with kids (well, my kids) is no fun but we have it practically down to a science now – ditch the stroller, buy everything you need and pray for patient row mates!

    • My father-in-law and his wife wake up to those views every day – so lucky!
      The movie selection on this flight was huge. Wouldn’t it be great if all planes had personal tvs (with free movies)?

  2. Remember that one Florida vacation we took, and u me and mom were stuck in atlanta for what felt like 20 hours…

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