Au Revoir America, Bonjour Switzerland

I realize my title is in Frenglish; my French is a little dusty.

We leave for our European vacation in a couple hours. Because we’re flying out of Madison’s airport, we’re only getting to the airport an hour and a half before our flight. From Madison we fly to Detroit, Detroit to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Geneva. I am so excited to get there and not so excited about the traveling part.

This morning I made a to-do list to keep me in track and to stop my mind from running through all of the things I needed to do.

Juicing probably shouldn’t have been at the top of my list, but it was.

I HATE wasting food, and there were grapes, watermelon, blueberries, a beet, and mixed greens in the fridge. With my breakfast I juiced watermelon and the beet (amazing combo and beautiful color) and grapes, blueberries, and greens after my workout. The juicer is cleaned and will be neglected for the next two weeks. Yup, Brody put the kibosh on bringing it along. We tried Bridget.

Another important item on my list was laundry.

My amazing travel tip: wash your sheets before you leave. It is the most incredible feeling to get into bed with clean sheets after traveling for almost twenty-four hours.

I also like to workout the day I travel because of how much I will be sitting. My blood got moving this morning in a BodyPump class and thirty minutes on the elliptical. While on vacation, I like to stay somewhat active but in different ways. Last year, we did tons of hiking in Switzerland and I went on one amazing run in Lauterbrunnen (even though I had just developed runner’s knee). This year, Bridget and I have hopes of running in Croatia, but the research I did about running in Croatia make it seem like a challenge. If we end up just hiking and walking a lot, I’ll be okay.

All of our other affairs are in order: the neighbor boy is watering my plants and getting our mail, the dogs are with my mom, and my pack and carry-on (scarf, socks, books, iPad, toiletries, and snacks) are packed. Now it’s time to wait for my coworker to pick us up and we’re off!

See you again in Switzerland!

Have you ever been to Switzerland or Croatia?
What do you bring on your carry-on for long flights?


5 thoughts on “Au Revoir America, Bonjour Switzerland

  1. No, so take your sister along next year! 🙂 she’d love it… Just sayin. Have fun!!! Be safe- keep me posted, you know mom will be harrassing me… “have you talked to you sister? Check Facebook, find out what theyre doing and let me know” seriously- that’s what I deal with when you’re gone. But really have fun! 🙂

    • Update: we missed our flight from Amsterdam to Geneva but are on a flight a couple hours later. We ran through the airport and missed the gate closing by one minute – ugh 😦
      Happy 4th of July!

  2. Not only have I been to Croatia, it is now my retirement home. Come visit the Dalmatian coast, you will fall in love…

    • How amazing that you’ve retired there! I cannot wait to see Croatia – I know the pictures do not do it justice. We will be spending three days in Dubrovnik and then four on a sailboat island hopping. Do you have any recommendations for restaurant or “attractions” in Dubrovnik?

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