Red, White and Blue

Happy early Fourth of July! I am telling you all this today because I will be traveling for part of Wednesday. We leave for Europe tomorrow afternoon, but luckily Brody found a full size American flag to hang from his dad’s second floor porch in Switzerland. Who knew I had such a patriotic husband?


When I was younger and still living at home, this holiday always meant a full week up at the cottage. My dad would take off of work, I’d bring a friend, and we’d spend lots of time boating, skiing, tubing, and eating. We’d go see the local firework display, watch the parade, and check out the street dance.

For the last two Fourth of Julys, we’ve had weddings, so it was nice to head back up north (even though we don’t have a boat…yet). Brody and I and the other couple we invited laid on the dock, played with the dogs, read books and magazines, and ate good food.

Because I will be kind of a lame, extremely jet-lagged American this year, I have some red, white and blue items to show my patriotism.


I bought a cover for my iPhone that qualified for Super Saving Shipping, but my order was less than $25. For months I have drooled over Tom’s, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Although the red doesn’t match with everything, I still see myself wearing these a lot (like in the airport tomorrow and Wednesday).


My mom sent Brody and I home with a tupperware of fruit, including watermelon. Although I could easily polish it off by tomorrow afternoon, I wanted to try juicing some of it. This mixture included watermelon, green grapes, and cucumber – so refreshing! Since I have used my juicer three times and I paid $30 for it, it’s like I only paid $3.75 (divide the cost in half every time it’s used). Anyone else use this logic?

My legs (see photo above)
I hope my pasty legs don’t scare away the Croatians and tourists on the beaches. This weekend I was smart and used sunscreen, and even though my white legs may stand out (glow maybe) on the beach, I am happy to be making better decisions with my skin.

Part of my new iPhone cover

This is kind of a stretch, but I wanted to show it off! Isn’t it pretty? I have no particular tie to or love of peacocks; I just loved all of the colors.

The lake

Our cottage is on a lake in northern Wisconsin and is so clear! I swear it is one of the clearest lakes in the state. The water changes color; sometimes it’s green, sometimes it’s gray or black, and sometimes it’s blue (like it is in this photo).

My water bottle

Back in college, my water bottle dependency began with Nalgene water bottles. After I graduated, I learned about Sigg (a Swiss company!) and used those for many years. This spring I again tried something new with a Camelbak. Whatever brand of water bottle I am toting at the moment, it does not leave my side. I may be addicted to water and my bottle; it goes with me everywhere.

What are things in your life that are red, white and/or blue?
How will you be spending the Fourth of July?


6 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue

  1. My cooler is blue and white- which I’ll be bringing on my mission trip next week to Indiana. Not as cool as Switzerland and Croatia. My new nano is also blue :). Thank you Craigslist. Have a great time on your trip!

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