Wine and Recipe Night

My social calendar was jam packed this week (I love summer break), and it included the monthly Wine and Recipe night. I feel so fortunate to have been invited to this group and to be getting to know the amazing women in it. As always, I had a great time and stayed later than I had intended.

As the host, Andrea chose a Fifty Shades of Gray themed party.

I was anti and didn’t read the book though, which bummed Andrea out because she was interested in my opinion of it as an English teacher. My non-English teacher friends have told me enough to know that the writing is horrible. During our dinner conversation last night, many of the ladies complained about the repetitiveness (e.g. she gasped, he gasped, “Oh my,” and his voice hitched). I am okay not reading it and just eating sexy foods.

Once again there were no duplicates. Here is what we ate:
•asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and phyllo dough
•prosciutto, fig, and cheese pinwheel (phyllo dough)
•steak and Gorgonzola on garlic toast
•asparagus and avocado wrap (what I brought)
•mascarpone filled strawberries
•potato skins
•avocado garlic basil pasta
•raspberry white chocolate mousse
•molten lava cakes

Some of the recipes were inspired by supposedly arousing or fertility-inhancing foods (everything with asparagus) and others brought foods that remind them of their husbands (scallops and potato skins). Out of everything, which was all amazing, my favorites were the avocado garlic basil pasta

and the molten lava cakes.

Happy cooking and baking!

If you’ve read Fifty Shades, what are your thoughts?
What Item would you have brought to this month’s Wine and Recipe night?


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