Thursday Thoughts

1. Yesterday I had the day off, so I scheduled a hot stone massage with a Groupon I had purchased last week. Yup, I’m the genius who got a hot stone massage in the middle of the afternoon when it was 95 degrees outside.

2. I boozefaced more than I had wanted to last night. The two cocktails from Merchant were sta-rong!

This is the Aviation Cocktail – fun glass!
The Regret and the Aviation Cocktail – 1. Angie – 0. Water is my bff today.

3. Tonight is Wine and Recipe night; the theme is inspired by the porn book Fifty Shades of Gray (that I have not read and probably will never). We’re all supposed to bring food that is sexy or seductive. I am bringing a wrap that includes asparagus and avocado, which are both considered “sexy” foods but only because they look like mens’ body parts.


4. Between my massage and my haircut yesterday, I stopped by Trader Joe’s to load up on bars for the trip; Luna bars, Clif bars, and Larabars all found their way into my basket, as did sunflower seed butter, salted creamy peanut butter, almonds, and trail mix.

5. Brody’s Chive shirt arrived! He opened the package when we got home at 11:30pm last night and had a big goofy grin on his face.

6. There is a Color Run in Milwaukee at the end of August that I want to do – they look like so much fun!

7. One of the kids I nanny for tested positive for Whooping Cough. The results came back yesterday afternoon when I was over there. That morning we went to the gym so the boys could play basketball and they went to the park with a friend, his brother and mom. Oops. Obviously I was also exposed to it. Normally this would not concern me, but with us leaving for Europe on Tuesday, I a) do not want to have Whooping Cough in Europe, and b) do not want to expose people to it in airports and on the plane. Without even seeing me, my doctor wrote me a prescription for the z-pack.

8. Our CSA this week included sugar snap peas and a beet (which will be juiced). It stinks that the weather is so dry – we haven’t been getting a ton of stuff because nothing is growing. We need RAIN!!!!

Do you get massages regularly?
Have you ever had Whooping Cough?
Do you want to do the Color Run with me?

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