WIAW Lower Carb Style

Bridget’s chat with her trainer about lowering her carbs really got me thinking. Besides attempting a food diary a few times, I have never tracked anything. I totally see why people do it, but it sounds like a lot of work (which it is). Instead of stressing about amounts, I have been cutting back on carbs, and it hasn’t been as hard as I had thought. I haven’t cut out fruits and vegetables high in carbs, just grain products.

A side effect of this experiment was a tamed sweet tooth. It’s not raging anymore! I know I have gone multiple days in the last two weeks without eating chocolate (today’s food review is not one of those days). All of the amazing fruit options and the heat help this also.

Thank you to Jenn for hosting WIAW! I love this month’s theme of sensible snacking, and I think my snacks for this days of eats would qualify as sensible.


Breakfast @ 6:30am: egg wrap

This has been my go-to breakfast almost every morning. I believe this is the same breakfast I posted for last week’s WIAW. Food equation: Flatout light wrap, two whole eggs (yolks are good for me!), reduced fat cheddar cheese, and blueberry rhubarb jelly. Sounds like an odd combination, but the jelly’s sweetness balances the saltiness of the cheese.

Snack @ 10:30am: cherries
A recycled picture from last week but the same food and the same book (which I finished right before lunch).

Lunch @ 12:30pm: leftovers and fruit

Saturday night, Brody and I met another couple out for dinner at Eldorado Grill on Willy Street. I have eaten here a handful of times before and like it. I especially like their blackberry margaritas. Anyways, because we ordered appetizers, I had leftovers of my Thai veggie fajitas. I had planned on putting them over a bed of spinach, but as you can see, they took up the entire plate. The mix included broccoli, onions, bok choy, carrots, peppers, and peanuts. For dessert I had a bowl of blueberries and green grapes.


Snack @ 4:00pm: mixed nuts
My stomach started growling and I reached for a snack with good fat and protein: nuts. No picture but you know what nuts look like. TWSS (sorry – had to do it)

Dinner @ 7:30pm: teriyaki meatballs
Brody and I both love this dinner. It is a Real Simple recipe I have memorized and share with anyone who wants to talk food. For the recipe and picture, go here.

As Brody said, “I don’t feel bad eating lots of this because it’s healthy.” Besides the higher sodium levels, this is a healthy meal. I love how the snow peas and edamame soak up the soy sauce and sugar. It is also fantastic as leftovers. Because I am scaling back on carbs for a little, I only had a fourth a cup of rice.

Snack @ 9:00pm: raspberry M&Ms

These had been in my house for a week for a week and I hadn’t touched them! Craziness! That is how you can tell my sweet tooth is kind of in check right now. We busted these open before walking the dogs. A nice little treat to end the day.

I hope you had a great Wednesday!

What are your favorite sensible snacks?
What was the best thing you ate today?


2 thoughts on “WIAW Lower Carb Style

    • Thanks Kailey! I agree – they are delicious, as are the M&Ms 🙂 I received them as a gift so I am not sure if I could even find them around here.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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