Juicing Like It’s 1996

Based on my extensive research about juicing, it began in the 80’s; but, it was not until 1996 that Jack Lalanne famously proclaimed, “That is the power of juice!” I am a little late to the party – oh well!

My frugal upbringing led me to Craiglist. I didn’t even know if I would like juicing, so spending full price on a brand new appliance seemed silly. Actually, Brody thought spending $30 on a used one was silly, but that is besides the point. After a few email exchanges, I met the seller for the transfer of goods in a public neutral place in the middle of the day.


I couldn’t wait to take this baby home and add it to our collection of small appliances. But first I had to go swimsuit shopping – cleaning the juicer sounded like more fun than this, and yet I trudged through the mall and found a new bottom and top.

It wasn’t until Sunday night that I was able to give the juicer a whirl. The former owners said they had only used it once, and besides a little dust, there were no signs of wear and tear. With a little hot water and soap, it was ready.

I started simple: carrot. After a few carrots, I took a swig – good stuff. I added one celery stalk and a small handful of green grapes to the carrot juice. Yum!


Initial Thoughts on Juicing
1) For a cup or so of juice, I used at least five, some of them quite large, carrots. The grapes produced more liquid which makes sense because they have a higher water content. Part of me feels like I am wasting them by just pushing the liquid out.

2) A lot of carrot pulp was leftover, and I felt bad throwing it away. Maybe I can use it in baked goods? Suggestions?

3) This model was very quiet. Brody was watching tv as I ran it and did not have to turn the volume up.

4) Cleaning up was more involved than I had expected. I needed to take everything apart and wash it with soapy water as the carrot had already stained the white plastic a light orange. I thought I could make more juice at a time, but I read recently that the juice starts to lose some of its “power” after a few hours.

5) I liked how it tasted. The carrot juice was fresh and a little foamy. I am excited to juice more.

Happy juicing!

What juice combos do you recommend?
What can I do with the leftover pulp?
What small appliances do you use the most often? Least often?


8 thoughts on “Juicing Like It’s 1996

    • Yum! I bet the beets do give it a beautiful color. Now I am kicking myself for not planting beets in my garden.
      Thanks for the “recipe” and for stopping by my blog šŸ™‚

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