What I am Loving this Summer

For today, this beautiful Friday, I have compiled a list of things I am LOVING so far this summer. Some are not surprising at all and some are shocking even me.

1) Black coffee

Who am I? I never thought this day would come, but this morning, one of the boys I nanny polished off the milk before I had a chance to use it for my coffee. At first I was sad, but after trying the hazelnut on its own, I was pleased. Don’t think I will be giving up cream or milk in my coffee from now on, but at least I know I don’t have to deprive myself of caffeine if neither is available.

2) The pool

In the past two weeks, I have been to the pool four times already. While I know I should wear sunscreen to avoid wrinkles later in life, there is still that eighth grader in me who wants to lather myself with oil and get as tan as possible. Yesterday I sunscreened everything but my face and stomach; I felt guilty afterwards but luckily did not burn.

3) Cherries

I cannot get enough of these! I probably have eaten at least two servings each day for the last five days. Fellow Wisconsinite and blogger, Sarah, has also been pining over these sweet rubies of deliciousness. I hope they stay on sale for the whole summer!

4) Rest
Here I thought I was going to go crazy not running. Turns out I loved the rest! I gave my body an entire week of no physical activity besides walking. It took until Saturday, six days after the marathon, for my legs, especially the ligaments behind my knees, to feel normal again. In the past I think I depended on working out to feel “good” about myself, and this week has shown me that I can be more gentle to my body and life won’t go to hell in a hand basket.

5) Reading
I plowed through The Forest of Hands and Teeth in two days and Sarah’s Key in four, enjoying them both immensely. As you saw from the cherry picture, I am reading Midwives, which is very interesting. I would like to read or re-read a couple classics this summer, such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Slaughterhouse Five.

6) Eating less carbs
I don’t really love this but it hasn’t been that hard to cut out some carbs. I haven’t gone as hardcore as Ridgey but I have greatly reduced them by avoiding bread (except for last night for BLTs), pasta, crackers, and granola bars. It has forced me to be a little more creative with my food choices, and that’s never a bad thing. For example, today for lunch was spaghetti sauce with ground turkey over a bed of spinach (which wilted eventually).

7) Patterned shorts

These shorts in particular are what I am loving. The blue and white pattern is fun and they have a draw string waist without looking too casual. Plaid shirts similar to these are also in my summer wardrobe.

What are you LOVING this summer?


2 thoughts on “What I am Loving this Summer

  1. Those cherries look great. I’m loving the relaxation and the fresh fruit this summer. I’m making quite the effort to always have something lying around the house.

    Tempted to pick up cherries now, haha.

    • The fruit in the summer is so refreshing! After rotating between apples, bananas, and frozen fruit in the winter, I welcome the variety. Have a great weekend (maybe eating cherries)!

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