WIAW as a Nanny

During the summer, I moonlight as a nanny. It is not that far of a stretch from my real job as a teacher, but it is a nice change to spend time with elementary-age kids.

Today I watched the twin boys I have been with for the last five years. I needed to be there by 8:00am and didn’t get home from the dog park until 7:30 – eek! After a quick shower, I packed my swimsuit and breakfast and drove to my “job” while eating a banana.

Breakfast at 8:00am
Major WIAW fail – no picture! But I think you have all eaten or tasted these ingredients and thus should be able to envision this filling breakfast: Flatout wrap, scrambled eggs (one whole and one white), a little cheese, spinach, black beans and avocado. While in Chicago we ate breakfast both days at Corner Bakery, and I ordered the Power Panini with spinach and avocado both mornings. I was inspired by this breakfast sandwich and have eaten it every morning this week. In my attempt to cut some carbs, I use the Flatout wrap which only has 16g, but I think for net carbs you subtract the grams of fiber. Whatever the carb count, it makes my belly happy for longer than normal.

Lunch @ 12:00pm

I made a turkey and cheese sandwich on a thin round (can’t think of the exact name) with spinach and mustard. Sides included sugar snap peas and watermelon.

The boys made plans to meet a couple friends at the pool. Rough life for me. The boys are old enough to be on their own; they just check in with me every so often. I sipped on a light lemonade and water for the two hours at the pool.

Snack @ 3:30pm

Being in the sun (with sunscreen!) made me hungry for refreshing foods, like yogurt and pineapple.

While the boys ate their dinners of mini-corn dogs, string cheese, sugar snap peas, and chocolate milk, I snacked on a little watermelon.

Dinner @ 6:30pm

This is by far the oddest dinner I have ever posted: Boca burger, black beans, avocado, and pineapple salsa. It was surprisingly good! For dessert I had a peach.

Because I ate an earlier than normal dinner, I will probably have a snack; I am thinking something with peanut butter.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting this virtual party! If you’ve never checked out her site on Wednesdays, it is a great way to find new blogs to follow or new recipes or food combinations to try.

Have a great WIAW night!

-What was the best thing you ate today?
-What odd combo of food do you like?


2 thoughts on “WIAW as a Nanny

  1. Nighttime snacks must alwasy include peanutbutter. I love the idea of working as a Nanny during the summer (I’m about to start my first year teaching in the fall). How did you find the family? Were they friends? Or are you on one of the sites like Care.com?

    • Congrats on starting your teaching career! I would imagine that you learned from student teaching that it is amazing, rewarding, and challenging. You will love it!
      I went to UW-Madison for college and while in school found all of my babysitting jobs through the UW’s “job center” website. I’ve continued to find my jobs through this site (even though I graduated seven years ago). For the UW, the site is open to anyone for posting and looking. It is a great way to keep myself busy in the summer and not go shopping every day 🙂 If you will be living close to a university, they may have a similar site you could use.
      I hope your summer is going well!

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