What Brought People to PoG

Happy Thursday! I am going to write this entire post from my iPhone because I am at the pool for the first time this summer and the kids are old enough to do their thing without me following them around. I know – my life is so hard.


Today I will not share (some may say complain or whine) about being sore from the marathon or already missing running. Instead I would like to share with you some of the search terms that brought people to Pint of Goals.

Actually I am not sure if my blog just showed up after these people did a search on the interwebs or if they really visited my blog. Can someone tell me the answer to that?


Chat room, girl 28 years old
I am 29 (I need to change my profile box, I know) and haven’t been in a chat room since 8th grade. In high school and college, instant messenger was the big thing. I was tipytoez01. Do chat rooms still exist or are they the same thing as forums?

Larabar china
Larabars are delicious but I have no idea if you can buy them in China. I would guess no. If China is interested in importing Larabars, I recommend the peanut butter chocolate flavor and would avoid the ginger.

Eatting string cheese like a child
In a post I explained how I incorrectly eat string cheese by not tearing off strings. I only do this when I am in a hurry and can’t enjoy the cheese the “childish” and fun way. Also, based on the spelling error, I bet either a young kid typed this or an iPhone failed to auto-correct.

Cupcake goals
While I have lots of goals in regards to fitness, food, traveling, and family, I do not have one for cupcakes. This person may be on to something though…



Eisenbahn Marathon

Last Sunday I ran this marathon. After the Madison Marathon race director called off the full because of heat and humidity, I found this as a second chance. It ended up also being hot but I finished. For a full review with pros and cons, visit this post and Mel’s post.

What to eat fig butter
I take my condiments very seriously, including fig butter. The only fig butter I have tried (besides at restaurants on cheese platters) is Trader Joe’s. It is delicious and tastes good on toast with goat cheese or cream cheese. Natalie also shared with me a fantastic concoction of toast, fried egg, goat cheese and fig butter. Go try it!

Run or body pump
Why or? Run and BodyPump is how I like to roll. I credit doing pump once a week during marathon training for not getting injured. If I had to choose, though, I would pick running. I love the way I feel after a run and just don’t feel the same “high” after pump.

Whatever brought you here, WIAW, DailyMile, someone’s blog, or a Google search, thank you for stopping by! It is nice to have an audience!

What is the last thing you searched for on the Internet?
What brought you to Pint of Goals?

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