WIAW Summer Edition

My schedule is so different in the summer time. I can eat when I am hungry instead of needing to wait until my scheduled snack or lunch time. It is good for me to listen to my body but can be difficult to not eat too much or eat out of boredom. I have our European vacation coming up soon, a good portion of which will be spent on a boat off the shores of Croatia in a bathing suit. Eek! Luckily Jenn’s monthly theme of sensible snacks will help keep my eats in check.


Breakfast at 7:00am
After a thirty minute walk at the dog park, I quickly threw together a yogurt mess bowl of Chobani, banana, chia seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut, raw oats, and a spoonful of chunky peanut butter.


Snack at 9:00am
My tummy wasn’t satisfied with breakfast and wanted more carbs (I probably only used a quarter of a cup of raw oats earlier), so I toasted a piece of whole wheat bread and topped it with light cream cheese and black cherry jam. Craving satisfied. This was washed down with iced coffee and coconut milk.


Lunch at 11:45am
I brought the rest of the pulled pork with me for lunch and made an open-face sandwich. For some color and nutrients I supplemented it with carrots and sugar snap peas. Delicious and filling!


Snack #1 at 3:00pm
I held back my vicious sweet tooth after lunch until mid-afternoon. The family I nanny for had the Kraft Milk Bites I had seen in the dairy section of the grocery store, and I was intrigued: granola bars that need to be refrigerated. The peanut butter flavor had good flavor and a dense texture. They are small but heavy, so it hit the spot.


Snack #2 at 6:15pm
After a little shopping, I got home and knew I could not wait to eat until dinner. When this happens and I need something small, I have a hard boiled egg. It worked again today.

Dinner at 7:45pm
Brody took charge for dinner and grilled burgers and zucchini while I made a side salad with all of the greens we got in our CSA this week. It was a yummy dinner.


Have a lovely Wednesday night! See you tomorrow!

What was the best thing you ate today?


6 thoughts on “WIAW Summer Edition

  1. How did you like your CSA box?!?! I figured we would have gotten a huge post about it 🙂 or maybe I just wanted one. p.s. I’m doing a 10k training plan and its over a LONG stretch of time (which I enjoy since i”m not really a runner) but I was hoping to keep it up on vacation. Think we can get a treadmill on the sailboat?

    • I like the CSA a lot, but we got a ton of arugula this week and I don’t think I can eat that much. I should do a big post and share some of the ways I have used the goodies.
      I am excited for your training! We can always run along the beaches in Croatia – the boys should follow us riding horses 🙂

      • can you adjust it? I can adjust our boxes (hehe) I didn’t for awhile though, and now that I can we usually use all of the items. The boys on horses sounds amazing…..maybe we can play Thin Lizzy “the boys are back in town” while they ride.

        • Haha…love it. Also, I meant to comment on your post about going through yoga teacher training – totally do it! It is something that has always been in the back of my mind to do.

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