The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Amazing

The Good
Summer break is almost here! I have two more days and then it’s time to decompress. To prevent myself from spending every day at Target, I nanny. Last summer I split my time between three families and one tutoring gig, but this year I am scaling a little back and watching two families a few times a week.

The pistachio cupcakes were a hit. The recipe got me thinking of other pudding and cake mix combinations: white cake and cheesecake pudding or chocolate cake and butterscotch pudding. Before I make any cupcakes, though, I need to use up the two overripe bananas on my counter. Recipe suggestions? Or maybe I could incorporate the cake mix/pudding combo with the bananas. Hmmmm…you may be getting a semi-original recipe from me soon!

The Bad
Yesterday was a big day for Wisconsin politics. As a public worker who went to UW-Madison, it is probably not surprising which direction I swing. This was not a place I intended to talk about politics, so I won’t. But, I will say I ate blueberry pancakes and ate blueberry Greek frozen yogurt for dinner last night and I wore black today.

It is Wednesday and I completely forgot to document my eats from yesterday or today. I took one picture of the wrap I had for lunch today and one of dinner. That’s all you get. #WIAWfail


“br />20120606-210811.jpg

The Ugly
Can I not catch a break with marathon weather? The temps in West Bend on Sunday are 67/81, which is warmer than I’d like. Thankfully the humidity looks like it will be pretty normal. With those high temps, I am going to quite the ugly-looking runner.

The Amazing
Brody follows The Chive, basically a photo blog, which recently called its community into action by asking for donations to help Taylor Morris, a Navy EOD tech who sadly lost parts of all four limbs, be able to afford a down payment on his and his girlfriend’s dream house: a log cabin. If you are at all doubting the state of humanity, please go here for the full story. A similar situation happened last year with this lovely family.

What is a good, bad, ugly, or amazing from your life?

7 thoughts on “The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Amazing

    • Oh man! That stinks! When I used to live in an apartment, I remember dealing with that. Not as obnoxious, but I have loud birds chirping outside my window, and they start at 4:30am.
      Have a nice Thursday!

  1. The good – we got second place in both cheer and dance at camp!
    The bag – I had the suckiest dorm shower ever haha.
    The AMAZING – We leave for Mexico in three weeks!!!

    I tagged you in the One Lovely Blog award – go check it out!

  2. Good luck at your race! You’ll do great! Keep an open mind. Don’t hate the heat, embrace it?!? Easier said than done right? Good luck though you’re gonna do great!

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