A Cupcake is Edible Sunshine

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Cupcake bakeries are popping up everywhere (just like self-serve yogurt places in Madison – yahooooo!). Kids love them and adults love them because they feel like kids again. It’s a win win!

When I saw Jenna’s super easy and delicious recipe for pistachio cupcakes last week, I mentally bookmarked it. The recipe reminded me of a Wine and Recipe Night recipe my friend Mel brought, a screwdriver cake, as this recipe also used a box cake mix.

Sunday night I mixed all three ingredients together and misread the cooking directions. With a quick glance, I thought it said they only needed to bake for 12 minutes. I took them out, poked a middle one with a toothpick, and it came out clean. Well, it probably was still so wet, nothing could stick to it.

About 15 minutes later after they had been cooling in the cupcake pan, I tried to take one out. This is when I realized my error and reread the instructions. Oops. Back in the oven they went for another ten minutes.

I had to try one after this baking blunder. Thankfully no cupcakes were harmed. They came out of the pan perfectly and tasted heavenly.

Because of the pudding in the batter, they’re a little heavier than your average cupcake. The pistachio flavor isn’t very pronounced but adds a richness. Plus, eating green cake is fun! These would be great for a St. Patty’s day party or even a springtime celebration (I am thinking pastel colored frosting with flowery piping or pretty sprinkles).


The cupcakes cooled overnight and were frosted today. I attempted to make my own frosting following Jenna’s recipe, but it seemed like the cream had been whipping in my KitchenAid FOREVER, so I gave up. I had misread (a common problem of mine apparently) the ingredients list and thought I saw Cool Whip on it. When my own whipped cream failed, I used a cup or so as a replacement. You can probably tell from the photo that I tried to be all artsy with my frosting but then gave up after three. At least I tried. 🙂

These are for students in one of my classes tomorrow (I also made brownies). I hope they like them! Or, to be honest, I hope they don’t because then there’ll be more for me.

If you’re in need of a great cupcake recipe, go here and thank me later by coming to my house with these cupcakes.

See you tomorrow!

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