Weekend Recap

Is it really Sunday night already? I tend to scramble a little every Sunday night: laundry, dishes, baking, grading…all things I could’ve done in the last forty-eight hours but didn’t. My excuses, though, are credible. Want to hear them?

Thursday was Brody and my fourth wedding anniversary, and to celebrate in style, we went out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris. If we want a good steak, we normally go to Delmonico’s or The Tornado Room, but we had a gift card for Ruth’s Chris.

It was delicious! We both started with a salad; the Ruth’s chopped salad for me and a special salad with arugula, bacon dressing, prosciutto, and orange wedges for Brody. For the main course, I had the petit filet and Brody had the ribeye. They offer family-style sides, so we shared the potatoes at gratin and sautéed broccolini. We were planning on sharing the cheesecake when our waiter informed us a dessert would be on the house in honor of our anniversary – score! Brody and I had a great time enjoying wine, dinner and each other’s company.

Saturday morning I had my last long run before the marathon on Sunday. Yes, I was “here” two weeks ago getting ready for the Madison Marathon, but because of the cancelation, my sights are now set on completing the Eisenbahn Marathon.

My confidence took a major hit after the half marathon, so I needed a good long run…and I got it. This run felt amazing: strong legs, easy breathing, and beautiful scenery. I ran down State Street, along Lakeshore Path, through campus, and around Monona Bay. Here are a few pictures I took (with my new iPhone!!!).

I made a pit stop at the Union for water and got to see the blue chairs for the first time.

I love running by water.

Last time I ran on John Nolan, I was not doing so hot. I made peace with John on this run and forgave him for being such a jerk last weekend.

The rest of the day included Chipotle, the dog park, an hour and a half nap, and some reading on the back patio. We had a charity event to attend in the evening, so it was a late night.

Bridget suggested I take a yoga class to help get me out of my head – she is a genius. My last class from the Groupon I bought for The Studio was used up today unfortunately. Luckily, it was a great class and I sweat out the toxins, both physical (wine) and psychological (doubt).

Sunday afternoon included grocery shopping, the dog park, and grading. The baking I mentioned in the beginning will be explained tomorrow with a link to the recipe.

So you see why I was a little frantic Frannie tonight?

Now I am off to bed where I will likely be asleep a minute after I close my eyes. Goodnight!

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