Madison Half Marathon Recap

Is there a name or acronym for the worst time for a run? WR (worst record)?

I approached this morning’s race with no expectations. With the full canceled and the expected high temps, I went into it as if it were just another training run.

My normal pre-run breakfast: toast with sunflower seed butter, a banana, and iced coffee.

Ellie and I rode in together, and it was convenient to park in Brody’s lot right off the square. We had plans to meet Mel and Tim outside of the Walgreen’s pretty close to the start.

Ellie guarded my bag while I stood in line for the porta-potties. It took longer than I had expected but I made it back about fifteen minutes before the start. I dropped off my bag and we took a photo. We look happy, probably because it wasn’t hot yet and we weren’t running yet.

After this, I have no photos, only words.

The first eight miles went well; although Mel and I left Ellie behind around mile six (with her permission), we held a decent pace considering the temps. We walked through every water/Gatorade station. I stuck with water because I had GU Brew in my water bottle. My knee felt great and the band didn’t bother me at all. I made the decision to take three GUs, so by this point I had had two.

Mile nine is when I started to fall apart, mainly mentally but probably also physically. My body felt fine, no pain, but the heat made it difficult to breath. Right after running by Monona Terrace, I felt panicky, but luckily I had Mel to talk me through it – she’s a doll and knows what I was feeling. I took LOTS of walk breaks for the rest of the race; once I needed one, I just kept “needing” them.

Around mile eleven, I gave Mel the thumbs up to take off without me; she was feeling good and had actually been singing “Dog Days Are Over” to me to keep my mind off of everything. I kept my head down, ran and walked for the rest of it, and finished in 2:19.

Worst half marathon time. Yes, I told myself this race didn’t matter, but it’s hard to see those extra ten minutes on my time.

Alone, I wandered around, chugged a chocolate milk, and went to pick up my bag from the gear area. I got there, told them my number, and they couldn’t find it. Searching the bags, double-checking the numbers on the blue tags, the workers were confused. That is when I broke down – sobbed like baby. As I have explained before, I often feel super crabby at the end of a long run. Add that to the thought of losing a wallet, cell phone, camera, clothes, etc. and I hope you can understand my reaction.

I sat down, calmed my self down, and waited. Ten minutes later, they found it…with a different bib number tag on it. Back when Ellie and I got ready to put my bag in the gear area, I accidentally grabbed her tag with her number. I cried for the second time that morning when they handed me my bag, but these were tears of joy and relief.

Brody and I met for breakfast at Daisy’s Cupcakery, but I wasn’t especially hungry. Despite my lack of appetite, I ate most of the strata I ordered and the fruit but left the potatoes.

Now I am home, showered, dressed, and ready to go to a housewarming party and a graduation party this afternoon.

There is a part of me that just wants to throw in the towel and not do the full. After today’s race, my confidence to run the full distance is waning. I will fight through those negative feelings and continue to prepare for the full of June 10th. I will keep telling myself, “I can do this” even if I don’t totally believe it right now.


4 thoughts on “Madison Half Marathon Recap

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way, 2:19 is still a great time in my opinion (especially for a training run in crazy hot weather). My goal for my first half is to run the whole time and not die. šŸ™‚

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend – it’s almost summer break!

  2. way to stay tough! I know you cried, but thats the least of what I would have done šŸ™‚ You could have bagged the whole thing knowing your knee and the heat…..and the list goes on, but you stayed tough and finished! I’m proud of you, and I feel like its a good prep mentally for the full right?!?!

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