Preparing for the Madison Half Marathon

In a perfect world, I’d be preparing for a full marathon by carbo-loading and hydrating today.  The expected temperature for tomorrow would be around 60 degrees with mostly cloudy skies.  I would have been experiencing no odd loosey-goosey feeling in my knee for he last week.

In the real world, my (because obviously it is MY marathon) is canceled, I am carbo-loading and hydrating for a half, and I don’t even want to look at the forecast again.  At Dick’s (sporting goods store), I purchased a knee band to help my patella because I’m nervous it’s on the verge of injury.

It’s okay, though.  I’ll run the half and just treat it like another training run.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to run those 26.2 miles somehow, somewhere.

I got a kick out the sad face because that’s totally something I would’ve done if I had been in charge of making that sign.

Today, Brody and I drove to the Monona Terrace (where we got married almost four years ago!) to pick up my race stuff.  I didn’t spend a lot of time wandering around because we needed to get to urgent care to get Brody’s blood taken (his CPK numbers are down to below 10,000 – yeah!).

I did manage to find myself at the SpiBelt kiosk because they had a basket of SpiBelts for $12!  I’ve been wanting one for a while, and the rep said the only difference was that these were made in China and the quality isn’t as great as the ones made in the US.  She said they still hold up just fine, so I forked over my Visa.  When running alone, I really should have a phone on me; safety first!

I did a little happy dance when I found this mini-Larabar in my race bag.  It was my dessert after lunch.

When I picked up my shirt, I immediately said to Brody, “Black, huh.  Not the best color for a race that is canceled due to heat.”  Later in the day when I was on Facebook, Mel posted a comment saying the exact same thing.  I know most people running the full weren’t going to wear their race shirt for the race, but still – irony at its finest.

In the Shape magazine I was reading at urgent care, one of their tips for working out in heat is to wear light colored clothes.  While I realize this is a major DUH, I would’ve been the girl to show up in black shorts and a black tank tomorrow.  I like black – it’s slimming – but I’d rather not keel over from heat exhaustion.

I think I have all my ducks in a row.  I know what I am wearing: black Nike spandex shorts, light colored Old Navy running tank, Target sports bra, and Prana headband. I know what I’m eating and drinking: two to three GUs, GU Brew in my hand-held water bottle, and water if needed at aid stations.  I will have my electronics charged: iPod (just in case I get separated from friends) and Garmin.

Even though I’m not feeling the same excitement and butterflies I’ve felt for past races, I’m still ready to go.  See you at the finish line (metaphorically speaking)!


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