Detour to the ER

This is not where we expected to be on the warmest day of May.

Brody had a tough Crossfit workout on Wednesday night and woke up Thursday with swollen biceps. Many of his shirts didn’t fit. Then, last night we stopped at Chipotle in Appleton for dinner and he noticed his urine was dark brown. This morning it was still cola-colored, so Brody decided to play doctor and Google his symptoms (like I suggested he do last night).

Dr. Brody came back with Rhabdomyolysis. Basically, he strained his muscles so badly, they are breaking down, and the myoglobin is being released, coming out in his urine. This can potentially lead to kidney failure.

Scary stuff.

I called my friend, Rena, who is a nurse, who then called her boyfriend’s brother who is a doctor. He said we should not mess around with kidneys and to get to an ER ASAP. Unfortunately, we were over three hours from home, and the thought of being admitted to a hospital so far from home sucked. However, the thought of Brody’s kidneys failing sucked even more.

We first headed to the small clinic in downtown Lakewood. They confirmed that we needed to get to a hospital, so off to Antigo we went. Meantime, the dogs were back at the cottage pouting because the lake was just within sight.

We’ve been at the Antigo hospital since 10:30ish. A nurse took his vitals; then, he peed in a cup, took his blood, and now he’s hooked up to an IV.

The doctor said he does have rhabdomyolysis, which has been known to happen to people who do Crossfit. It can happen to marathon runners and really anyone who overexerts him or herself.

Despite the unexpected detour, I am happy he is getting better and that the IV is flushing the extra myoglobin out of his system. Sadly, message boards about this condition say your muscles are a lot weaker afterwards. Brody will likely take a break from Crossfit and focus on biking for a while. He has been a trooper, though, and is ironically flipping between the 2011 Crossfit Games on ESPN and a hockey game. Prepared for anything, I brought snacks, a book, and my iPad (which is how I’m able to write and post).

Brody gave me the ok to write about this. While rhabdomyolysis isn’t very common, I think it’s important to know that you can push your body too hard and that noticing when things aren’t right. A lot of people self-diagnose themselves using WedMD and other message boards and can make themselves paranoid, but luckily for us, we had access to the Internet and were able to determine that what was happening to Brody could be serious.

Rhabdo (its nickname) sucks.

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