Maryland – Seeing the Sights

Happy Tuesday, folks!  These days fly by now with the end of the school year approaching.  Just in case you’re counting down with me, only thirteen instructional days remain and then it’s summer vacation!  While I appreciate the two and a half month break, the reason I teach is not for the summers off.  I once saw a sign at Marshall’s that said “The best months for a teacher: June, July, and August” and I wanted to buy it and burn it.  What a horrible, cliche phrase!  Okay…done with the rant, and on to more about Maryland.

I planned on sharing more of my eating and drinking today, but with tomorrow being Wednesday and WIAW, I’ll finish it then.  Instead, today let’s talk about what I did besides eating and drinking in Maryland.

Yesterday I mentioned eating at Galway; well, it was not the easiest experience getting there.  Our GPS wanted us to turn down a street but we found it blocked by a police car.  We found a spot and walked towards Galway past the area blockaded only to see the cameras, actors, and lots of equipment – they were filming a movie!  A guy with a headset told me the name of the film: Better Living Through Chemistry.

That guy with the gray shirt and dress pants is Sam Rockwell!

At Galway’s, we looked up the movie on IMDB while drinking Guinness.  It has a good cast: Sam Rockwell (lame picture of his back above), Olivia Wilde, Judi Dench, Ray Liotta, and more.

Our next adventure came the following day, Friday, when we headed downtown Annapolis with Matt and Ella.  Unfortunately, Julie had to work (she’s a teacher, too!), so it was just the four of us.  We meandered up and down a couple streets and then headed towards the water to drool over the ridiculous yachts and sailboats.  By the water, they were setting up for a triathalon, the TriRock hosted by Land Rover.  I later looked it up and found out it’s a sprint triathalon. 

We decided to check out the Naval Academy.  In order to enter, you must go through security in a building and have your ID checked.  The campus was beautiful, including the officers’ quarters.

We strolled around for a while, went into the chapel, and saw the tomb of someone (obviously left an impression).  

And we go from classy to…

The Jetty (the obnoxiously green and blue building that looks like it belongs in Daytona Beach…not on Kent Island).

I’m not sure if I should really count this as “sight seeing” but there were definitely sights to be seen on Friday night.

Friday afternoon, Brody and I drove to Kent Island and checked into our hotel room.  We waited for our friends to arrive, went to dinner, and began drinking.  We then moved on to the Bridges (the nicer looking place in the photo above) and continued drinking.  When the Bridges closed at eleven, we moved our party to The Jetty.

Now I am a very gullible person, which Brody sometimes likes to take advantage of.  Upon arrival, Brody points to a guy and tells me, “Angie!  That’s Ron Dayne!”  If you aren’t from Wisconsin, I’ll fill you in: Ron Dayne played football for the Badgers, helped them win two Rose Bowls (I had to look that up – don’t be that impressed), and won the Heisman in 1999.  I immediately make my way over to this man hoping for a photo, but luckily Brody catches my arm before I make a complete fool of myself and tells me it is not Ron Dayne.

Maybe an hour later, Brody finds himself next to this non-Ron Dayne man (who is a little chubbier than the real Ron Dayne) and strikes up a conversation.

Brody: Ya, we’re here for a wedding.  I’m from Wisconsin.

non-Ron Dayne: Wisconsin?  I was just in Wisconsin for a block party.

Out of nowhere, non-Ron Dayne hands his buddy his baseball cap and takes off his shirt.  Apparently the Mifflin Street Block Party makes him want to get naked?

You can tell from Brody’s shocked face, this was not where he saw the conversation heading.  Non-Ron Dayne also seems to have lost his belt.  Jen, my blond friend to the right, was apparently loving it.

See.  I told you.  There were sights to be seen.  From a movie set to the Naval Academy to a topless man at The Jetty.  Good times in Maryland.

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