Hey (Maryland) Baby!

Greetings from Maryland!


While we are now on Kent Island at the Hilton (love free wi-fi), we spent Thursday and most of today in Annapolis with Brody’s friend from high school and college. The weather has been gorgeous and Annapolis is a fun city to explore. The last time we were here was for Matt (Brody’s buddy) and his wife’s wedding about four years ago.

The friends we stayed with, Matt and Julie, have an adorable baby girl named Ella. At seven months with blondish-red hair, she is one damn cute baby.

Ella enjoys anything plastic: straws, spoons, and water bottles kept her entertained for good chunks of time. As Julie put it, Ella always wants to be in the mix. I was most impressed with her downward dog; unfortunately, I failed to get a pic of it, but like the pose, her hands and feet touched the ground and her butt pointed to the ceiling.

Even Brody got in on the baby action. Although he looks quasi-drunk in this photo, he is not. He kept using the lines from some movie (Old School maybe?) as a way to address Ella; something like “Hey, Baby!” and “What up Baby?” (edited to add: After Brody woke up from his nap, he told me it is from Dave Chapelle’s standup).

Matt, Julie, and Ella were so kind to let us crash at their house in Annapolis for the night, and we enjoyed seeing them. We had a great time catching up, eating good food (more on this in future posts), and doing a little sight-seeing (also more on this later). Thanks guys!

I have been SO much better about taking photos, and I can’t wait to do a couple posts to recap this wonderful weekend when I get home. Until then, all you get are photos taken with my iPad. I will leave you for the day with the view we have from our hotel.



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