Running and Massages are Like Chocolate and Sea Salt

Running for three hours and twenty five minutes means my feet hit the ground 36,900 times. That was a lot of pounding, and my knees, quads, hips, and baby cows (as Monica calls them) were feeling it on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, I had scored a deal: $30 for a 60 minute relaxation through the Best Deals of Madison and Beyond emails I get every day.

The Wellness Room is on Bedford St. in Madison close to the Brittingham Boathouse. I arrived about ten minutes early to fill out paperwork. The owner, I later found out, just opened up in April after having worked for various salons and spas for the past few years. She had a calm, serene waiting area; I would use those exact same adjectives to describe the owner/masseuse as well.

Before the massage began, I informed her of my long run the day before. I asked her to focus on my lower half.

This massage was lovely and so relaxing. Although I tried to not fall asleep, I couldn’t help it. I may have snored and woken myself up. She found some tender spots in my shoulders and my thighs. I left feeling content, a little less sore, and just happy. I also smelled like lavender oil…so calming. I’m thinking a massage a couple days after the marathon may be in order.


It was about a year ago now that I actually started to consider myself a runner. Training for my first half marathon, changing a password to reflect my new status, and reading Runner’s World all contributed to this new title I attached to myself. When I read Janae’s post with this list, I found myself nodding to many of these. In particular, I like (and probably referenced on this little blog of mine) numbers 1, 2, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 24.

You Might Be A Runner If…
1. You see someone running while you are riding in your car and wish it was you.
2. You find greater joy in spending your money on running apparel, shoes & gear than on a pair of designer jeans or monogrammed purses.
3. Your sneakers cost more than you dress shoes.
4. Part of your monthly expense budget goes to race fees.
5. You are thinking about your next race while running in one.
6. You are actually happy about doing laundry because now you will have clean running clothes.
7. You decide to sleep in and skip your run, but then somehow get your run in before the day is over anyway
8. When people ask what happens if it rains during a race, you smartly tell them, “You get wet.”
9. You’re looking at this website instead of Facebook.
10. Running is a way of life, not a hobby.
11. You read every entry on this list because of the pure satisfaction of realizing YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!
12. Your day isn’t complete until you’ve put your run in.
13. You always go to the sports section to look for new running gear and new running shoes first when shopping.
14. The first thing you do after a run is log miles.
15. Your daily run is like therapy, or an anti-depressant.
16. Starting with a 5:30am run is a great way to start your day.
17. People often shake their heads when you tell them what you did over the weekend.
18. You hear you have to go somewhere for an upcoming weekend and immediately check out the races close to your destination.
19. Waiting for someone who is walking on a treadmill makes you want to scream.
20. You get upset about injuries because they keep you from running, not because you have actually damaged your body.
21. You are truly too tired to help with house chores, but can still pull a 40-60 minute run.
22. Your ‘To Do’ list reads:
1) Go Run
2) Everything Else
23. The first thing you pack for a business trip is running gear.
24. You know exactly how many miles are logged on your running shoes.
25. When you’re told you need surgery and your first question is how soon can I go running afterwards.

I don’t know what my running future will look like after this marathon. I don’t know if I’ll ever do another full mary.  Whatever I end up doing next, I hope I’ll always see myself as a runner.

Goodnight friends!

How often do you get massages?
If you’re a runner, what number(s) on the list do you identify with?

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