What I’ve Been Doing For the Last Two Days

Now all together…breathe in, breathe out, and smile. It is Friday. We made it. One week closer to summer break, one week closer to Switzerland and Croatia, and one week closer to the Madison Marathon. Woo hoo!

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to for the past two days:

1. Thursday morning, I woke up earlier than normal. I had planned on running before work and my alarm was set for 5:00am, but the dogs’ erratic behavior (they sense the storms coming) meant I was up fifteen minutes early. After sucking down some iced coffee (caffeine) and eating half a slice of bread with a smear of peanut butter (energy), I was ready to go.


Proof of the time I left the house for my run.

With more humidity in the air, it was a tougher run than Tuesday’s, but as always, it felt so good to work out in the morning. I saw a deer in the field and ran through a part of neighborhood I had never been in.

2. I saw Aziz Ansari last night! He was hilarious and put on a great show.

We were in the balcony, but I swear that is Aziz.

Although we don’t watch Parks and Rec, Brody and I watched one of his stand-up specials last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. His show started at 7:00pm at The Barrymore, so we met two other couples at The Alchemy for drinks (New Belgium Somersault for me) and dinner (Matilda for me). Between dinner and the show, it was a very fun Thursday night! Plus, I was in bed at my normal time. Score for the 29 year old who acts like she’s 60!

3. Rarely am I not reading a book. I try to alternate between more quality pieces of literature and “fluff” books. The Grapes of Wrath has been on my to-read list for years now, and I finally started it last week. Unable to focus for extended periods of time, I decided to temporarily give up on it and begin something a little lighter: The Stolen Child.

Book description from Amazon:
Inspired by the W.B. Yeats poem that tempts a child from home to the waters and the wild, The Stolen Child is a modern fairy tale narrated by the child Henry Day and his double.

On a summer night, Henry Day runs away from home and hides in a hollow tree. There he is taken by the changelings—an unaging tribe of wild children who live in darkness and in secret. They spirit him away, name him Aniday, and make him one of their own. Stuck forever as a child, Aniday grows in spirit, struggling to remember the life and family he left behind. He also seeks to understand and fit in this shadow land, as modern life encroaches upon both myth and nature.
In his place, the changelings leave a double, a boy who steals Henry’s life in the world. This new Henry Day must adjust to a modern culture while hiding his true identity from the Day family. But he can’t hide his extraordinary talent for the piano (a skill the true Henry never displayed), and his dazzling performances prompt his father to suspect that the son he has raised is an imposter. As he ages the new Henry Day becomes haunted by vague but persistent memories of life in another time and place, of a German piano teacher and his prodigy. Of a time when he, too, had been a stolen child. Both Henry and Aniday obsessively search for who they once were before they changed places in the world.
The Stolen Child is a classic tale of leaving childhood and the search for identity. With just the right mix of fantasy and realism, Keith Donohue has created a bedtime story for adults and a literary fable of remarkable depth and strange delights.

Doesn’t it sound good? Although I love utopian/dystopian novels, I rarely read anything fantasy-like. This was a great find at Goodwill (great selection for building up a library!). I am only a few chapters in and already really liking it; hopefully I’ll find time to read this weekend.

4. Obviously I’ve been teaching, but school feels different around this time of year. The warm weather, prom, graduation, and the up-coming summer break all create a certain buzz in the building. I can’t believe I almost have another year of teaching under my belt!

5. I’ve been drinking kombucha this week and love it. This summer I may attempt making my own…we’ll see. For now, I’ll stick to either Synergy or Nessalla.


I am looking forward to sharing all of my weekend activities with you all on Saturday and/or Sunday. On the agenda: run 20 miles (the Monona 20K is part of that), attend a Cinco de Mayo party, meet teacher friends at Salvatore’s, and see Brody more than I did last weekend.

Have a wonderful Friday evening!

What book are you reading right now?
Have you ever made kombucha?
Any exciting plans for the weekend?

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing For the Last Two Days

  1. This weekend we are attending a wedding and going to church and small group.

    For once, I’m actually not involved in a book right now! I have a LONG list of books to read over summer, though. I think i want to start with the Maze Runner series and also the Kite Runner.

  2. I haven’t been able to read since I finished The Looking Glass Wars, but Angie got me a Barnes and noble gift card for my bday… any recommendations? She told me to read 50 shades of gray but I don’t think I’m up for that right now! Have u read it yet?

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