Umami (Restaurant Review) and Farewell to Nicole

What does this picture say about Moose? I wonder what he’s contemplating. Moose often assumes this position looking out the front windows in either the living or dining room. You’d think he was tired from running around at the dog park or chasing Frankie around; no, this was at 6:15am right after he woke up.

Tonight I met my friends Mel and Nicole for drinks, appetizers, and dinner at Umami. Yah, we went all out, and my belly is full and happy as I type this. Nicole, who has been in Madison for a couple years now but who we just met this winter, is moving to New York this weekend. She took a job working for Tory Burch! I can’t wait to visit her in New York.


Mel’s coworker and her husband own Umami, and she has been there multiple times. We started with drinks and sipped them at a table on their patio overlooking Willy Street. Nicole, who will miss Wisconsin’s delicious beer, ordered an Ambergeddon, Mel had the White Ice Sakatini and I had the Umami Lychee. Their cocktails were amazing!

For appetizers, Nicole and I let Mel take charge; she chose the pork buns and vegan dumplings. The pork buns’ had great texture: squishy and slightly sweet dough, warm and fatty pork, and crispy cucumbers. The chewy dumplings had a great sear on them (much better than my sear on the Costco dumplings). I would definitely recommend both of these appetizers.

All of us ordered a ramen bowl for dinner. This was fantastic! The broth had deep flavor; I could’ve had a whole bowl of just the broth! My bowl came with noodles (duh), chicken, bamboo shoots, green onions, and a little seaweed. I ate as much as I could but couldn’t polish it off.

Besides having delicious food, the three of us chatted about everything from running (surprise, I know) to New York to work.


4 thoughts on “Umami (Restaurant Review) and Farewell to Nicole

  1. I hope your friend does well in NYC how fun! Now you can go visit just think of it that way! That bowl of asian hodge podge looks amazing! I’m so hungry right now I could even eat my lean cuisine and be happy 😉

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