Hijacked: A Countdown Survey

Happy Thursday friends! This morning, I had a few moments to read some blogs and saw Natalie’s survey post. I love that she created her own – so creative! Bridget, you should jump on this bandwagon too!

10 Adjectives that Describe You





Goal oriented (hence the name of my blog)

Funny (by accident)





9 TV Shows You Love (past or present)

Modern Family

The Wonder Years

The Voice

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

30 Rock



Full House

How I Met Your Mother

8 Favorite Workout Moves

*I am slightly altering this to just favorite ways to work out

Running outside with friends


Hot yoga

Kickboxing (BodyCombat)

Hiking (in Switzerland preferably)

Walking the dogs at the dog park

Kayaking at my cottage

Biking outside

7 Things You’ve Never Done But Want To

Run a marathon (which I will be doing in a month!)

Get ice cream at The Big Gay ice cream truck in New York

Make my own kombucha

Get my Masters in something (most likely Curriculum and Instruction)

Write a book

Try Crossfit (I will likely go to the gym Brody goes to after the marathon)

Earn the certification to teach yoga

6 Foods You Eat on a Regular Basis



Peanut butter

Meat (normally chicken or beef)



5 Words or Phrases You Use Often


Please turn to page __


I’m waiting… (when trying to get students to quiet down)

Moose! Get over here!

*Brody’s answer: Some people like their cucumbers pickled.

4 Pet Peeves

Pee on the toilet seat

People who talk loudly on their cell phones while on cardio equipment at the gym

Disrespect towards teachers (often found in the comments sections of newspaper articles)

Drivers who go below the speed limit or fluctuate wildly

3 Websites You Visit Daily

Google (Gmail and Google Reader)

School email


2 Reasons You’re Looking Forward to this Weekend

Running Crazylegs with Rena

My birthday (but it’s Friday…does that count?) and dinner with Brody Sunday for my bday

1 Craving of the Moment

A hot shower (apparently we haven’t paid our gas bill for a while (automatic payment complication) and they shut it off…I took a cold shower this morning and probably will take a few more before it gets turned back on)

*Yes, I did just use parentheses within parentheses. I can do that as an English teacher and an almost birthday girl.

Thanks to Natalie for creating this fun survey!

Share something (or multiple things) about about yourself from the survey.


4 thoughts on “Hijacked: A Countdown Survey

    • Thanks Natalie! I should count one day how many times I say “Please turn to page…” – it is probably high because everything has to be repeated at least three times for everyone to finally hear and register what you’re saying.
      Have a great Friday!

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