Two “Yah”s and Two “Boo”s

Yah for four miles and ready to go by 6:30!

Now that the light from the rising sun starts to shine by 5:20am, I want to try getting my runs in before school outside (instead of on the treadmill). A neighbor is running the Monona 20K and the Chicago Marathon, so she is working on building her running base. We set out for four miles this morning and finished in under forty minutes. I didn’t wear my Garmin, but according to Teresa’s watch, our first mile was under nine minutes. Holy speedy! When it is dark out, I always thought I ran faster, and I guess I was right. Why is that? This weekend, Mel’s husband, Tim, said it’s because you lose some of your senses, which makes sense. Slight pun there with the two meanings of sense. Sorry, I couldn’t stop the English teacher in me from not taking advantage of a teachable moment. My secret to getting ready so quickly involves a lot of night before prepping, a headband, and a shower cap.

Yah for overnight oats in Brody’s almost done peanut butter jar!

Although I prefer Trader Joe’s nut butters, I will not willingly let a peanut butter jar be recycled without an overnight oat treatment. I threw in another small scoop of peanut butter as it was almost completely clean. Another great part about OAIJ? No dishes to add to the pile in my sink.

Boo for the hole in my favorite khakis

  • 20120424-165336.jpg
    I cannot recall when this happened, but I noticed it on my drive to school. You may also notice the discoloration, which makes me think bleach ate through it. This is odd because I never bleach my clothes and only use it on towels and sheets occasionally. I have a $10 Gap gift certificate that has been waiting patiently to be used, and I also have a $10 gift card to Kohl’s that expires Saturday. Mid-week shopping?

    Boo for rain and cold temps forecasted on Saturday
    Sunday afternoon, I checked the weather and this Saturday looked good. Sunday night I checked again and it showed clouds and rain. This morning I checked (obsessed much?) and it now says 30% of rain and a high of only 43. Booooo! Lots of people I know are running Crazylegs Saturday morning, including my high school friend Rena. I was hoping for nice temps and sun, but I guess I’ve been too lucky with nice weather for my Saturday mornings runs. The bright side? Running in the rain would prep me for rain on the day of the marathon. The dark side? Goosebumps, chaffing, and squishy socks and shoes.

    What is one “yah” and one “boo” for you today?

    5 thoughts on “Two “Yah”s and Two “Boo”s

    1. Yeah for me – making it to the gym to meet up with some trainer friends for a super sweaty cardio circuit workout at 5:30 a.m.

      Boo for me – forgetting to bring my shoes for work and having to call my husband and talk him through finding which pair of black sandals I needed for the day so he could drop them by the gym (I ended up saying – any black sandals will work as long as they match each other lol).

      Teachable moments should never be overlooked! 🙂

      • I have forgotten to bring stuff in the morning too when I go to the gym. One time I thought I forgot my shirt (and I only had a tank with me), but I found my shirt in the parking lot by my car; someone had found it and hung it on a sign.
        How nice that your husband came to the rescue!

    2. My yay is that it was Salad day at work where the few of us bring a part of a salad (I had meat- so I cut up some deli ham) and everyone brings such delicious choices- snap peas, walnuts, spiniach, etc… Yum! My boo is that I have a meeting at 7:00 and don’t have time (or gas) to drive all the way home and back… and didn’t bring a change of clothes. I HATE DRESS PANTS. boo.

      • That’s a fun idea for lunch! I eat lunch with one other person this semester, and she’s a short-term sub and is done next week. Sad. I actually don’t mind dress pants – I often think they’re more comfortable than jeans. Also, why is it saying (on my end at least) that you sent these comments at 11:00pm today? It’s only 6:30pm. Strange…

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