Frankie’s Big Premiere

I wish I would’ve known when the commercial Frankie had shot was being released; I would’ve started a countdown and built up the hype (think The Hunger Games). Although Moose would’ve been jealous, Frankie is jealous every time Moose gets a pill/supplement for his bad hips. It all evens out.  See, look how they share this chair.

Yesterday, Frankie’s former owner emailed me with the link to the commercial. I received the email during my fourth hour and yelped with excitement and scared my students who were working silently (okay, semi-quietly) on a response to an episode from Father Knows Best. After explaining Frankie’s big break, I asked if they wanted to watch it. Ummm…dumb question Mrs. English Teacher. Of course high schoolers want to be distracted.

I always watch EVERYTHING before showing it to students, so I quickly watched the thirty second commercial before hooking up my projector and speakers. Their response? “He made $100 for that?”

The commercial is for a cable company up in northern Wisconsin, so sadly we won’t see it on tv around here. It only shows Frankie for five seconds, but luckily he does his signature move: the eyebrow raise. We worked a lot on that and I am happy it made it into the final cut. Now if only Frankie had eyebrows like Duke, my friend Bridget’s dog.

Duke is on the left and Jafar from Aladdin is on the right – striking similarity, right? Both pics are from Ridgey’s blog.

This got me wondering what cartoon character my dogs look like.

Moose as Mufasa?

Frankie as Bambi?

Even the name pairings resemble one another: The “moo” sound in Moose and Mufasa and the ending “ee” sound in Frankie and Bambi.

And with that crazy talk, it’s time for bed.  I have a big date with the elliptical tomorrow morning for some cross-training and need my beauty sleep for it.

What words of wisdom do you have for Frankie about his newfound stardom?
What Disney character does your pet look like?

4 thoughts on “Frankie’s Big Premiere

  1. English teachers can always make “crazy” connections with the names like that! 🙂 I’m right there with you! That’s awesome that you have a famous dog! I’ll have to think on which charactres my animals look like…I’ll keep you posted. Have a great weekend!

  2. ahhh-donkey boy is so funny. Jp and I were just saying last night how cute he is, especially when he is tired. I’ll let him know he made his pint of goals debut!!! Have an awesome weekend.

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