Stumptown Coffee Should Come to Madison

Greetings boys and girls!

First off…your daily dose of my photography.

April Photo a Day: something you don’t like

As mentioned before (multiple times), I dislike doing the dishes. Tonight I made a fairly involved dinner and dirtied lots of dishes. Pans, cutting boards, and utensils, oh my. I put a dent in this after taking the photo; I plan to finish them tomorrow. As long as the dishes are below the countertop level, I can pretend like they aren’t there.

Speaking of dinner, I took my friend Mel’s advice and made Gina’s edamame fried rice. Like Mel, I added more protein: chicken for Brody and shrimp for me. This recipe turned out really well and would freeze well. Just be prepared to do some dishes.

Let’s talk coffee for a bit.

I love me some iced coffee in the morning, especially after a nice, sweaty treadmill run. Before I saw the light and started making my own iced coffee, I made a small pot every morning and drank it hot or stopped at a local coffee shop I drive past on my way to work, Beans N’ Cream. Now I make full pot (6 heaping tbsp of coffee and 8 cups of water), let it cool, put it in this massive pitcher from Target, and repeat.


No sugar or sweetener for me – just a little milk (cow, soy, almond…I don’t discriminate). I often finish my iced deliciousness on my drive to work, and then I pout a little because it is gone.

Being somewhat frugal like my mother, I don’t spend a ton on coffee but I do prefer whole beans and avoid brands like Maxwell House and Folger’s. I currently have two bags from Target, two bags from Costa Rica (fundraiser for my coworker’s daughter), and this gem.



Unfortunately, they are only located in Portland and New York, and of course they haven’t expanded to Madison. One day, maybe we’ll have Stumptown, Yogurtland, and In N’ Out Burger. A girl can dream…

Back to this coffee though. Brody’s buddy, Dan, who lives in Portland is a self-professed coffee snob and gets this coffee almost every day. When he came to visit us a couple years ago, he brought coffee as a gift, and I fell in love. When Brody saw him this weekend in Vegas, he brought coffee to Vegas for Brody to bring home to me. So sweet! Thank you Dan!

I am already looking forward to the iced coffee I’ll be drinking in nine hours which may be washing down French toast. It’s nice to have a good breakfast to look forward to.


What is your least favorite chore? How do you motivate yourself to just get it done?
How do you like your coffee?


2 thoughts on “Stumptown Coffee Should Come to Madison

  1. I hate cleaning the shower and the bathroom in general. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who cleans the entire house! 🙂 He is always home before me from work (usually by a few hours), and the house is typically clean when I get home. I know – he’s amazing! My other least favorite chore is putting away clean laundry – bleck.

    Coffee – I like iced coffee with a little stevia and milk, and I also like hot coffee the same way. I’ll have to look up stumptown – Daniel loves trying different coffees!

    • You are a lucky girl! My husband is really good about cleaning when we need to do the whole house (normally if guests are staying with us) but rarely does little things here and there (sorry Brody…it’s true).

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