Heck of a Deck!

Welcome to a new week! I hope you all had a good Monday.

Once again, I am a day behind on the April Photo a Day challenge organized by Chantelle. In my defense, there was no sunset yesterday, so you get both that and a flower for today.


While my birthday is still over a week away, my present from Brody arrived Friday in a huge box on my driveway. I knew right away what is was: patio furniture! This gift was more for the family but I was happy Brody took the bull by the horns and ordered it. We had been hemming and hawing for a while, looking at sets for our back deck from World Market and Costco, but Brody picked out a set from Target, and he did a great job.

Doesn’t it look awesome? Please excuse my pajamas at 7:00pm…I dislike real people clothes. As for the furniture, we want to play around with the arrangement, but it just feels good to have more seating out there. When we bought the house, we loved the huge deck and expected we’d be spending lots of time back there. Sadly, we haven’t, but that is going to change now that we have comfy seating. Who wants to come over this summer? We can play bags or euchre, drink good beer, and eat brats. Wisconsin much?

Brody made it back from Vegas in one piece and continues to recover from whatever debauchery takes place at bachelor parties in Vegas. We are going to be lazy bums tonight by eating ravioli from Costco, watching The Voice (we both LOVE Rae Lynn), and be in bed by 9:00pm.



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