Thankful Thursday

1) Diptic

Thank you Carrie (who thanked Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean) for sharing this app with her readers (like me!). I have been wondering how bloggers make cool photo collages and was too lazy to figure it out. Here’s my first collage:

The photo in the bottom right corner is my photo of the day (stairs). Also, I should admit a mistake I’ve been making; the photo challenge ISN’T just for Instagram. Not sure why I made that up. I also want to credit this challenge to Chantelle and thank her for helping me improve my photography skills.

2) Four-day weeks
Tomorrow is already Friday! Having Monday off made the week fly by. Each day was over before I knew it. Part of me wants to break out into that horrible song: “It’s Friday, Friday…”

3) Getting faster
I am a pretty slow (and often ugly) runner, but I am getting faster. Thanks to my amazing sister-in-law and the Garmin she gave me for Christmas, I track my runs and can monitor my speed. Last week I ran five miles in 48:30 and today I ran it in 47:30. This means I averaged a 9:30 mile – crazy! I have always been a ten-minute miler, but things are changing. Maybe a future goal will be a sub-2:00 half marathon…

4) Running Off the Reese’s
When I first started following blogs, I found Cely and loved her posts. She’s hilarious and unlike any of the other blogs I was reading. But then this fall, her posts stopped updated in my Flipbook (the app I used to read blogs) and I stopped reading about Cely’s life. Now I use Google Reader, and I recently subscribed to Running Off the Reese’s again – joy!

5) Only one doggie accident
No pictures of this for obvious reasons.
Whenever our family’s routine changes (i.e. when I go back to school after being on Spring Break for a week), the dogs’ internal plumbing gets a little wacky. Aside from being used to spending an hour at the dog park each morning, they also may have some anxiety over being left home alone again. Frankie left a “present” for me in the hallway (his normal spot) on Tuesday, so I was nervous Moose would follow suit. I can happily report that never happened.

What are you thankful for?

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I’m thankful our kitchen is done, because that means my eating can get back to normal!~ I’ve been eating out way too much and I can’t wait to get back to cooking meals for dinner and packing breakfast/lunch for the next day šŸ™‚ Hey how did Frankie’s commercial turn out? Can you post it up somehow? Is he just getting ravished by the paparazzi?

  2. Glad you are enjoying Diptic. It’s so fun.

    Poor pups. They’re so happy when they’ve got their people home. One of mine spent the day today cowering during the thunderstorm. Sad.

    • Awww…poor guy. Frankie also has anxiety when storms are coming (which they are today for us). He also doesn’t handle long car rides well. Have you tried giving your dogs anything? Have you heard of the Thundershirt?

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