Ugly Runners Club

Happy Mond…errr, I mean, Tuesday! Not having school yesterday got me all out of sorts. At least if this continues, by Friday, it will feel like Thursday; just think how exciting that would be to think it was Thursday but realized it was Friday (credit for that observation goes to my teacher-friend, Joanna). I wish I could think of a smart, impressive analogy to that feeling, but I can’t.

Today’s photo challenge topic: cold

We have been spoiled this spring, and winter for that matter, and today’s temperature was only in the upper 40s. My lovely husband hung this time/thermometer thing, so I captured an image through the screen. At first I made this choice because my little tootsies would be cold on the deck, but then I realized the screen added an interesting element and dimension.

A friend on Facebook sent me this link, and I was honestly surprised I hadn’t seen it out there in the blog world yet.

source same as link above
This guy…seriously? That smile? That perfect hair? Who looks that put together during a race?

It made me giggle because during my long run, I spent a few moments questioning what I look like when I run. Because I mapped a route in a popular running and biking area, I passed by a lot of people (including a few people multiple times). I tried to look cool, relaxed, and happy, but I am sure my red, splotchy, salty face was contorted into all horrible kinds of expressions.

Luckily, evidence of my unattractiveness can be found on Facebook…like this picture my friend, Brad, took of me at the very end of the Haunted Hustle. Yes, I am comfortable sharing unattractive photos of myself with all of you. We are at that point in our relationship.

People probably look at me and think, “Ooohh, that girl is not meant to run,” and sometimes I agree with them. Not much about running is natural or relaxed for my body, but I still love it. Why is that?

With any challenge (Instagram Photo Challenge) or big decision (buying a house), there are risks involved and the potential for failure. Maybe the journey isn’t always pretty, like how I look running, but having a goal to work towards and the satisfaction after reaching it is worth it. Not all of my runs have been fun or pretty, but they make me a stronger person, and I am feeling really confident about running my first marathon. Does it matter that I am an ugly runner? Nope. So I plan to embrace it and create a new club: Ugly Runners Club, or URC (pronounced er-ck).

Have a wonderful evening!

Who wants to join the Ugly Runners Club? There is a little hazing (eating lots of GU) and an initiation ceremony (held at Endurance House or Fleet Feet…whoever will sponsor us).


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