Instagram Photo Challenge

It is no secret that my photography skills are somewhat lacking. Brody is the photographer of the family, and I have relied on him to snap some of the amazing moments of our life.

Amazing moment = me eating an eclair in Switzerland

Most of the photos I take are on my countertop; I lack creativity and variety. I hope this photo challenge will force me to step outside my very tight comfort zone. Many of the blogs I read post beautiful images and I feel a little embarrassed. Plus, this would definitely count towards Janetha’s Adventurous April.  She has prizes people!


Because I am eight days behind, I will just pick up today. My plan is to share each day’s photo here and maybe on Facebook.

Today’s theme: younger you


*This is EXACTLY why I am glad I am doing this challenge – I can’t even figure out how to rotate pictures in Instagram (on my iPad).  I thought I could do it on my desktop (also an Apple), but no can do.  I get frustrated easily with technology.  

I gave up on my dream of being a professional ballerina/dancer after my sophomore year of high school and turned to the dark side (i.e. cheerleading) for my junior and senior year. Last year at a cheer competition (I coached for two years), my mom arrived sporting these high school cheer buttons. Both pictures are from my senior year of high school. This was a fun time of my life when everything was so easy (obviously I didn’t realize that then). It seems like people either love or hate high school; I loved it, which is maybe why I enjoy teaching at a high school so much.

For my last day of Spring Break, I am working hard and being very productive lying on the couch watching HGTV. My laziness from yesterday wants to hang on. I haven’t been horizontal all day, though. My mom, sister, and I ran errands this morning and ate lunch (leftovers of course) together. After they took off, I brought the pups to the dog park and graded essays. BodyPump is next on the agenda, and I may squeeze in half an hour of elliptical before to get the blood moving.

Like many of you out there, we have lots of ham left. Brody had the genius idea to make Cuban paninis with pulled pork from last week and ham from yesterday. I also want to make scalloped potatoes with ham tomorrow or Wednesday night. If you have a good scalloped potato recipe, please share.

Have a great Monday!

Were any of you in cheerleading or dance in high school?
What do you do with leftover ham?


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