Easter Laziness

For my family, holidays are all about the FOOD. Weeks before major holidays, my mother starts talking to me about what we’re going to eat and who is bringing what. Are most families like this? I have no clue.  Please tell me…

Brody and I both have small families, so our holiday gatherings are usually quiet and lazy. Everything revolves around the food; we spend the morning preparing, an hour eating, and the rest of the afternoon on the couch talking about how we ate too much. And yet, we always find room for a dinner of leftovers. Mmmm…ham sandwiches.

Lounging, watching shows on the Food Network and HGTV while the ham cooks

My mom’s parents were supposed to drive down from Appleton, but my grandpa is sick (pneumonia or bronchitis possibly), so they stayed home. Our Easter lunch for four (my mom, sister, Brody, and me) includes a ham from Costco, oven-roasted potatoes, rice pilaf, corn, dinner rolls, and strawberry pretzel dessert and pumpkin pie…aka, carbo-loading. No, we are not preparing for a long run, just a walk to Target and back later this afternoon. To my mom’s credit (because she planned the meal out), my grandparents were responsible for bringing asparagus; this is why our plates will have no greens. #extraservingofveggiesFAIL

The four of us also have big plans to take a field trip to the movie theater. This is normally our Thanksgiving evening tradition, but we have nothing to do, and there’s only so many food and home improvement shows one can watch. We will likely see different movies; my sister and mom are thinking about The Hunger Games, and Brody and I may see Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

I hope all of you enjoy your day, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, have a small or big family, or eat all carbs and sugar or lots of greens.

P.S. Last year, Moose killed a bunny on Easter.  True story.  It was sad.

What traditions does your family have for Easter?
What kinds of food are you eating today?


3 thoughts on “Easter Laziness

  1. Moose and Donkey looked like twins yesterday! Sounds good, we ate so much yesterday. No kitchen, and a Easter basket the size of Rhode Island = tummy ache.

      • seriously my mom gave up chocolate and didn’t cheat once, I got her so much chocolate candy I couldn’t wait to get it out of my house, then we show up and she gave us a basket so large it was pretty comical! Good idea on the 1/2 off…..I never have the patience to. I’ll have to send you one next year!

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