What I Ate Wednesday

Do I have a fun day of eats and drinks for you today (all thanks to Jenn of course)! I tend to indulge a little more on spring break but still keep it relatively healthy. Also, my teaching schedule dictates when I eat, so without that, I have to pay closer attention to my hunger cues (and not my “I am home and around food so let’s eat” cues).

Pre-breakfast: Dates with Sunflower Seed Butter (6:40am)
I made a doggie play date with my friend Jennifer at 7:00am. Knowing we’d be doing four laps, which is approximately three miles, I needed a little something something in my belly.
*For whatever reason (parse error? What is that?), the photo I took did not work or doesn’t want to upload. It was a crappy photo anyways; you should feel happy you were spared.

Breakfast: Pumpkin Protein Pancakes (8:30am)
Because of time constraints, I rarely eat anything except overnight oats for breakfast. Although I felt rushed because of a 9:30am yoga class at The Studio, I still made and inhaled these. The pancakes were dressed with more sunflower seed butter and real maple syrup.

By the way, did you hear about the potential maple syrup shortage this year? Because of the early warm temperatures and lack of cold nighttime temperatures (which the trees need to get the sap flowing), the maple syrup season is or will be cut short. While researching this topic, one article stated this will not affect the prices because they have enough from previous years in preparation for not so good years. However, if you are concerned, consider stock piling it now.

Snack: Pear (11:00am)
After a wonderful yoga class, I made my way to a gym right by the square that Brody and I belong to…just to use their showers. I felt funny checking in and going right to the locker room, and even made a comment to the guy who checked me in, but he said people do it all the time. As I got ready, I munched on a juicy pear (huge bag from Costco = fruit even Brody will eat).


Lunch: Sushi (12:15pm)
Brody and I met for lunch and walked over to Red Sushi. This was my first time there, but Brody has been many times. For $9.50, you can pick out two rolls. I went with the New York (shrimp and avocado) and Spicy Tuna with Asparagus and started out with a bowl of miso soup. Everything was delicious and finished almost all of it.

Snack: Green Beans and Pineapple (4:00am)
I spent the afternoon at a coffee shop (sipping a iced skim mocha) on State Street grading essays. By the time I got home, I needed a little snack. This morning other bloggers had already put up their WIAW posts, so I saw Jenn’s April theme: extra serving of veggies. This inspired me to polish off the roasted green beans from two nights ago. Of course, I wanted something a little sweet, so I dove into the cut up pineapple (another Costco purchase).

Dinner: Meatloaf (7:30)
Tonight I met a few of the ladies from Wine and Recipe Club out at Buck & Honey’s to hear one of their husband’s play. Glasses of wine were a dollar off, so I sipped on a Shiraz. The meatloaf I ordered came with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The portion was HUGE, and I asked for a box immediately.

Sorry no “action” shot – I still do not think to whip out my camera during meals.

Thanks again to Jenn for hosting this link-up and for encouraging me to eat more veggies!

Do you like asparagus? Do you experience the side effect of eating it?

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