Foodie Penpals – March Edition

Last month, I had such a fantastic experience with my first ever Foodie Penpals, organized by Lindsay, I couldn’t wait for another month. Carrie spoiled me last week, but Michelle’s package of treats this month was equally delicious and creative.


After a weekend out of town, I came home to find the box of goodies Michelle put together for me. In her sweet note, Michelle explained how she picked out a few of her favorite foods.


I dug into the almond crackers immediately, dipping them in half an avocado. The seasoning was awesome, and they have a unique crispy texture. I ended up eating the box way too quickly, often dipping them in more avocado or hummus. Michelle actually said her Foodie Penpal from last month sent her these same crackers, and she enjoyed them so much, she wanted to pass along this new find. These were new to me, and I need to remember to look for them next time I go to the grocery store.

A few days later, I tried Michelle’s favorite protein bar: Balance Chocolate Peanut Butter. I needed a bigger snack after school one day, and this bar was both delicious and filling.

The Mrs. Field’s cookie dough bites were fantastic. I thought it was going to be one big tube of cookie dough (which sounds incredible) but instead I found three mini squares of chocolate covered cookie dough. Yummy!

I am still holding on to the Cheerios and Milk bar for a morning I need quick breakfast or mid-morning snack and the Justin’s nut butters for traveling (maybe even this summer when we go to Switzerland and Croatia).

Thanks again Michelle for putting together such a thoughtful assortment of food!

And if you’re interested, head to Kristi’s blog to see what I sent her this month or to Lindsay’s website for the link-up with all three hundred or more people who participated in Foodie Penpals this month. I will be taking next month off from Foodie Penpals but will do it again May. It is a lot of fun, so if you like shopping for food and receiving packages in the mail, give it a shot! Lindsay explains how to participate on her website.

Guess what? I am on SPRING BREAK!

Have a good night!


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