A Lazy Dog’s Favorite Things

This morning on the news, as I ran five miles (yah! I did it and got my butt out of bed!), the news anchor showed a picture of a new product she saw at Mounds (pet food store for those not in the Madison area).

I chuckled thinking of either of my dogs in one of these. The news anchor thought it was funny and seemed to wonder if people really use these. The answer is yes; people do use these. One woman wrote on the NBC15 Facebook wall that she takes her dog on bike rides in it. This produced an even more amusing image in my mind. If I strapped Moose to the front of me and rode a bike, people would think we were on a tandem.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a baby “bjorn,” knit your own.

Plus, look how active you can be wearing one.

And just so the bigger dogs don’t feel left out, they can always be pushed around in a stroller.

Apparently there is a stroller that holds up to 115 lbs.

Do you do anything out of the ordinary for your pets? Have you ever seen anyone use one of the above items?

Today was a much better day than yesterday. When my alarm went off, I played the “I could just run after school” game but realized I was quite awake. The run went well and put me in a good mood. Running before school makes me such a better teacher; I demonstrate more patience and feel more productive.

Brody grilled out for dinner tonight, and it was simple and delicious.

Salad with Italian dressing, a brat with ketchup, and ice water.

Now it’s time to relax on the couch (and probably watch the Blackhawks lose in overtime), scrounge the cupboards for some chocolate, and catch up on some blogs.

Spring Break count down: three days

Tell me something about your pet(s).
If you’re not from the Midwest, have you ever had a brat? Thoughts? Midwest folks, how do you eat your brats?


4 thoughts on “A Lazy Dog’s Favorite Things

  1. Most absurd thing I’ve ever seen! This one woman pushes her dog at the one track I go to in one of those strollers! What do dogs hate to do? Walking obviously! Did I already tell you that? Our one friend works at the only local crossfit around here. I should see about getting Jp and I the intro thing you were talking about for cheap/free from her, just to get him moving again. ALTHOUGH he has been killing it in the yard. it looks beautiful.

    • Love it! How big is the dog she pushed in the stroller? My coworker told me her mother has a stroller for their cat and she pushes Jingles around in it up at their cottage. If you get too close to the stroller, Jingles will hiss at you. I take that as a sign that the cat really likes his/her stroller.
      You guys should definitely try Crossfit – I plan to after my marathon…although I am scared, especially after the shape Brody was in last night. It sounds like it is a very supportive environment.
      Post pics of your backyard! I’d love to see it 🙂

      • haha. its like a mutt about kooli’s size. so bizarre.

        I think you would be surprised at how good you’ll be at crossfit! I’m sure certain workouts do that to people no matter how in shape they are.

        I’ll do my best! The plan is to walk up and down that ramp by our house picking up trash this weekend : )

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