Sweatin’ at The Studio

Back in the day, I did a lot of yoga, namely Bikram or hot yoga. The summer I graduated from college I found Bikram Yoga Madison (now Inner Fire Yoga) and bought a one month unlimited membership. I went five to six times a week and fell in love. Even though it was the summer, I loved the heat, sweat, and challenge that came with every class. My regular yoga practice lasted just over two years.

Once Brody and I bought our house (a thirty minute drive to the studio) and I started teaching, I had no time to continue practicing. It made me sad, but obviously I eventually found another activity to throw my whole self into eventually (running). Yoga, though, complements running really well, so when I can fit in a class, I do.

My body has been very tight from all of the running and BodyPump; in particular, my hip flexors, hamstrings, knees and hips feel different. After yesterday’s ten mile run, I wasn’t very sore but knew a yoga class would help stretch things out.

I purchased a Groupon ($29 for five classes…booyah) for a newer yoga studio in Madison called The Studio. The Studio looked beautiful.


When I arrived for the 10:30am class fifteen minutes early with Groupon in hand, the receptionist was especially friendly. I quickly filled out waivers and walked into the heated room. This studio keeps the room heated to ninety-five degrees (to compare, Bikram studios keep the room at one hundred and five degrees).

It was a fantastic class, and I am looking forward to going back again. Because of the heat and the fairly crowded class, I was dripping in no time. I really liked the instructor; she was confident and offered lots of variations to poses. At one point, after moving between crescent pose and warrior two multiple times, I had to go down to child’s pose; the dizziness became pretty intense and I could taste bleach (this also happens to me after camel pose). I left the class looking like I had just showered but with a big smile on my face.

I wore something new to the class this morning. Before Brody woke up, I drove to Target (only a mile away!) and was the very first customer in the store (lame or awesome?). Along with boring but necessary stuff like printer ink, toilet bowl scrubbers, and air freshener, I bought three new work out items.

This is me attempting to be artistic with my “photography.”

I hate running in shorts but have wondered about spandex style shorts. Target had a pair for $25, and I figured that even if they don’t work for running long distances, I could wear them for occasional yoga classes or even cross training. For yoga this morning, they stayed in place on my thighs and were very comfortable. As for the other goodies, I don’t have many running tops and found this pink one on sale for $9. Lastly, my left big toe nail keeps making holes in my socks = annoying. This three pack was $8, so we’ll see how they hold up. Hopefully they don’t give me blisters.

It feels good to end the weekend feeling like I had a good balance of activity (run and yoga), rest (nap yesterday afternoon and ten hours of sleep last night), time with friends (The Hunger Games and Culver’s), work around the house (laundry and stained the porch swing), Brody-time (grilling out together last night and running errands today), and me-time (blogging).

I hope you also had a balanced weekend!

Do you go to yoga regularly? Where and what kind?
What was the last item of workout clothing that you purchased? I would love more suggestions, especially for distance running.


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