I Ran Ten Miles and Saw The Hunger Games

Note: I realized the morning after I pub
Usher this that a better title would’ve been “Katniss and I Both Ran Ten Miles Yesterday”

Where to start? It was quite the busy day.

One great part of my day was seeing The Hunger Games with some colleagues. I read the books over two years ago and told everyone I could about them, including my friend Bridget. Like the Twilight series, I credit this series with showing students how amazing books can be; many students told me they hadn’t read a book for X years, but they read these three books and actually enjoyed reading. Because it is my goal as an English teacher to help every student fall in love with reading, I often recommend The Hunger Games to reluctant readers.

As for the movie, two of my students saw the midnight premiere (and came to school the next day) and had good things to say. One boy was disappointed, but I said there was no way the movie could ever live up to the books. My opinion? I was very pleased with it. The film didn’t blow me away, but I thought it was a good adaptation. The casting was fantastic (loved Katniss, Effie, and Cinna) and the cinematography was well done. Not knowing what was going on in Katniss’ head left out a lot, and I wonder if they could’ve included her inner thoughts.

Once we got out of the theater, my work friends and I headed to the Culver’s for a late lunch, but since I had a green monster smoothie after my run and some popcorn trail mix (chocolate chips, cranberries, almonds, and sunflower seeds) during the movie, I wasn’t especially hungry. It had been a long time since I had had custard (which is different and a little fattier than ice cream), so I had a small cone with the flavor of the day: chocolate Heath bar. It was creamy with lots of Heath pieces.

Before all of that, I had my run. Ten miles. Mel mapped out a run that started at Bluephie’s on Monroe street. The first two miles were miserable; it was an uphill climb and the humidity was high. Once the ground leveled out and we were in the Arboretum, I felt better. We met up with a bunch of other runners Mel and I know though Dailymile and continued on. Some miles felt good and some felt crappy. I took a Gu, Tri-Berry flavored, around mile six and sipped water most of the time. I altered my training schedule to match Mel’s, so even thought I was supposed to have a fourteen mile run today, I dropped down to a ten. Next weekend I will run fifteen miles instead of the ten or twelve I was supposed to do. Did you follow that?


Napping and eating took up the rest of my Saturday afternoon. It was glorious.

Earlier in the day, Brody went to the store and got chicken to grill out. While the grill heated up, we drank wine (Menage a Trois) and Brody played with the dogs.



Along with the chicken, we had alfredo noodles, and peas.


I had a little, tiny bowl of the Ben & Jerry’s Greek yogurt for something sweet. Now Brody and I are watching a couple episodes of Lost before calling it an early night.

If you saw The Hunger Games, what do you think?
Do you prefer ice cream fro yo, or custard?

5 thoughts on “I Ran Ten Miles and Saw The Hunger Games

  1. I really enjoyed the movie! How is Brody liking Crossfit? And I love that kind of wine. The red table wine is really yummy for a good price.

    • I’m glad you liked the movie! I would like to read the books again and then go see the first one. Maybe I’ll do that this summer and then just rent it.
      Brody does like Crossfit; he is much more confident doing the “moves,” and although he’s always sore now, he’s still going strong šŸ™‚
      It was the red table wine – we always buy a couple bottles at Costco where is $7.99/bottle.
      Have a good Monday!

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