My Hair History (and lots of photos as support)

It’s been approximately three months since my last hair cut.  This is quite long for me because I keep my hair fairly short.  I’ve been meaning to call Tiffany…uh, I mean Renee.  The story behind that goes like this:

My sweet hair stylist (who is younger than me) used to work at a salon downtown Madison.  She left this salon and found a newer (and better) one to work at.  Unfortunately, they already had a Tiffany working there, so to not confuse appointments, her appointment name is Renee.  If you continue reading about my hair history, you will realize why this was so shocking and odd to me.  I got a kick out of it and even posted something on Facebook (which I almost never do), and a friend suggested I should call her Reffany.

Now for my hair history from various stages of my life.

As a little one, I had blonde curly hair.  My mom was a hair dresser at a small salon until I was born.  Much of my early hair history can be attributed to her.

I have a faint memory of this photo being taken.  We were on the side of my grandparents’ apartment building and my dad took it.  You can see I was getting a little crazy with some pigtails that look a little high up on my head.  Although not related to hair, check out the jelly shoes.

Oh…the awkward Les Mills (sp?) family photos.  As seen from the previous photos, I had curly hair.  The curly hair in this photo is not natural; yes, I was a victim of the 80s and early 90s perms.  Why did my mom let me do this?  And why did she do it to me?  Obviously I hadn’t figured out that brushing permed hair does not turn out well.

Speaking of awkward…

In 7th grade, the curly hair was out, but the curled, hotdog-esque bangs were in.  I clearly remember spending WAY too much time making sure my bangs were perfect.  Once they were exactly in place, I would hairspray the begessus out of them.  Also, I began straightening my hair, but this was long before flat irons.  It took me approximately thirty minutes to blow dry my hair in sections to ensure perfect straightness.

By the time I got to high school, I lost the bangs but kept just about everything else.  Because my mom went to beauty school and continued to do people’s hair throughout the years, she always cut and colored my hair.  There were definitely some coloring fiascos (me = orange hair, my sister = giant bleach spot on the top of her head) but it was great to not have to make appointments, spend money, or leave to get my hair done.  However, having a mom as a hair dresser prevented me from understanding that going by different names in a big salon is not that strange.

I still did my hair curly in high school though.  After much experimentation, I discovered how to keep the frizz out of my hair: do not towel dry after showering, use a wide-tooth comb, apply curling mousse, shake head in the shower to separate ringlets, and blow dry with a diffuser.  This technique still works for me today, although my hair is not as curly as it  used to be.

Suddenly, as a freshman at Madison, I began wearing my hair up in a ponytail all the time.  I would do my hair curly but then slick it back into a semi-high pony tail.  If my hair was getting longer, I would use bobbypins to create a messy, curly bun.  Eventually I realized no one else was wearing their hair up and that it was more of the “adult” thing to wear your hair down.  Looking back, it was kind of a “young” way to wear my hair.

During the last two years of college and after, I would straighten my hair and then often pull it back into a low ponytail.  Once at the DMV, a guy worked there told me I look good with my hair pulled back because it showed off my cheekbones.  I must’ve taken that comment to heart because this was my look for a while.

I was pretty happy with my hair for my wedding.  It wasn’t as big as I wanted it, but my hair was very thin at this point in my life.  For my wedding, I even used a little fake hair clip-on in the bun section to give it more bulk.  My hair is getting thicker thanks to Nioxin shampoo and S Factor deep conditioned, but my mom still comments on how thin my hair is getting…and how many gray hairs I have now.  Thanks, Mom.

This picture is about a year old, but my hair hasn’t changed much since then.  Also, I don’t have a lot of recent pictures of myself.  I’ve been going with an inverted bob for a couple years now.  It is quite short when Tiffany/Renee cuts it but grows out well.

There you have it – my hair history.  Not too many embarrassing moments, but hopefully enough to keep you entertained.  I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

What is one part of your hair history?
Any especially awkward or bad hair choices?

4 thoughts on “My Hair History (and lots of photos as support)

  1. Hey thanks for posting and awkward picture of me too… Seriously what WAS mom thinking back then with our perms, ugly matching dresses, and messing up our hair!!!

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