BodyPump Unawareness, Quesadillas, and Lagunitas Glasses

Happy Monday people! Did everyone adjust to the time change? I had my alarm set for 5am, but when it went off, I made the executive decision to skip morning BodyPump and go to the early evening class. It felt nice to sleep for an extra forty-five minutes.

As I had planned in the wee hours of the morning, I made it to Pump. I arrived early and spent twenty minutes on the elliptical; then I pumped it out next to my friend Jena. There were two men in the class who had no idea what they were doing. Both did the clean and press SO wrong, and I was concerned they were each going to hurt themselves. During the triceps track, the guy closer to me had his arms way out on the bar and had no clue how to do a skull crusher. I know it shouldn’t annoy me because he was probably new…but it did. First of all, I wish the instructor would’ve seen him and helped him out. Secondly, it amazes me how some people lack body awareness. For example, if the instructor says, “Place your hands shoulder width apart on the bar,” that is what I do. I grew up dancing and watching myself in mirrors since the age of three. I have that mind-body connection and maybe I take that for granted. I also wonder if part of it comes from being a female (stronger mind-body connection?). Thoughts?


My pups needed exercise when I got home and we went for a nice thirty minute walk around the neighborhood. I spent about 79% of the time planning my dinner. Brody had a fantasy baseball draft, so I was on my own. With all of the produce in the fridge, I had lots of options. The sweet potatoes called my name and I wanted to finish up the last half cup of black beans I had used for tacos on Friday. I suddenly remembered a yummy dish from Bluephies: sweet potato black bean quesadillas.

Not the prettiest picture, but they tasted good.

With a whole wheat tortilla from Trader Joe’s and a little maple syrup, they came together nicely. In lieu of sour cream, I topped them with plain nonfat yogurt. Dessert included frozen mango. A perfect sweet, non-chocolate treat.


Is anyone else picky about glasses you drink out of? We have lots of pint glasses (many of which have beer logos on them), and they have been my favorite water drinking glasses…until today that is. Looked what we ordered!



I drank a cappuccino stout out of one of these last weekend at Cooper’s. Brody and I commented how cool of a glass it was. I ended up ordering six of them. I love the mason jar look.


Yesterday I thought I was being all cool mimicking the format of two of the bloggers who I regularly read; come to find out today I did it wrong. I took each letter of the alphabet and did my own thing with each, but I was supposed to answer the prompt for each (i.e. A is age, X is for x-rays). Oops! Oh well.

My rambling is done for the day. Sleep well!


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