Twelve Miler and TJ’s

Twelve miles, check.
Green grapes and trail mix, check.
Shower, check.
Capitol, check.
Trader Joe’s, check.
Gas for car (least favorite chore…see yesterday’s post), check.
Relieve my bladder for the first time since 10:10am, check.
*Note: The last check happened at 3:15pm. (TMI?)

Dehydrated much? That is scary for me. I was aware of the time that had gone by, but I didn’t feel the urge to go and it wasn’t especially convenient. Anyways, I am home on my couch chugging water like it’s my job.

The run happened. Mel’s hubby, Tim, joined us, so I was in good company again. The wind was fierce at times, but it wasn’t cold. The sun was shining, the flowers starting to emerge from the ground, and the two GUs I had were delicious (espresso and mandarin orange). Unfortunately, Mel and I both felt “creaky” (her term). My lower back tightened up towards the end and my knees were just a little achy. I have considered taking ibuprofen during my longer runs to reduce the inflammation but need to do some research. I have heard it is not good to take pain killers while running, but my neighbor said she needed to during her marathon. Anyways, it feels great to check the run off the list.

Sadly, I polished off the last tablespoon of Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter this morning and needed to restock. You know how I love grocery shopping! Besides the sunflower butter, I also picked up salted creamy pb, frozen mango chunks, yogurt spinach and kale dip, and green juice for myself. I also picked up some goodies for my foodie penpal this month. 🙂

The green juice disappeared (in my belly) on my drive home; it was sweeter than I had expected but hit the spot and kept my hunger at bay until I got home. The minute I walked in the door, after I finally used the ladies room, I dug into the yogurt spinach and kale dip. Holy yum! It tastes almost like spinach artichoke dip. The pita chips were the perfect vehicle for this dip to be enjoyed (because I was too lazy and hungry to cut up veggies). I HIGHLY recommend this stuff.


On the agenda for the rest of the day? Maybe a nap and maybe some grading. Tonight Brody and I are meeting up with a friend of mine from high school and her husband. We are heading back to Natt Spil (the bartender recognized us last time!) for drinks and dinner. I am excited to try their food.

That is all for now – enjoy your Saturday afternoon and evening!

What did you check off your to-do list today?
What is your favorite Trader Joe’s product?


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