Grocery Shopping Love

Being an adult means lots of responsibilities (aka chores). Let’s categorize…

“Avoid at all costs” chores: getting gas, washing sheets (just the taking off and putting back on), doing dishes, unloading the dishwasher, and cleaning bathrooms

“Not terrible” chores: vacuuming, washing the dogs, cleaning countertops, taking out trash/recycling, and dusting

“Brody” chores: mowing the lawn and snow blowing

“I feel happy when doing” chores: laundry and GROCERY SHOPPING

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not like grocery shopping. It’s no secret that I love food, so when I walk into a store filled with food, I am one happy clam.
Note: I purposely chose “clam” instead of “camper,” which would’ve been my first word choice, because you can eat clams.

Growing up with a very frugal mother, her shopping style rubbed off on me. Brody, on the other hand, grew up in a family who didn’t pay as much attention to prices (which of course is totally fine – to each their own). Money can cause lots of problems in relationships, especially when you have different philosophies about it, but luckily, Brody and I have balanced each other out over the years. He rarely buys anything that isn’t on sale, and I am okay with spending more money on something that is of better quality.

We do most of our food shopping at a Copp’s with an occasional trip to Target and a bi-monthly trek out to Costco (thirty minutes away). We do not track how much money we spend on food, but we’re pretty good about mainly buying stuff we need and on sale. However, every time I go to Aldi, a store my mom used to and still does shop at, I am amazed at how far my dollars stretch.

A few weeks ago, I stopped by and picked up all of the items in the picture for $18!

Items purchased: roasted almonds, Lifeway Kefir (strawberry and blueberry), parmesan cheese (the brand we normally get), red grapes, hummus, and clementines
*not many items but some more pricey ones

Today, after a quick two mile run with the pups and then dropping off a couple bags at Goodwill, I continued on to Aldi. Our house was very low on produce, and I needed to find a banana for my pre-run breakfast tomorrow.

Lots of fruit!

Yummy veggies!

Protein sources!

All of this for $30. I love a good deal! Although I like Aldi, it is not always convenient and doesn’t have all of the food Brody and I eat, especially since we choose to not buy meat there. However, as you can see, buying produce (as long as you don’t mind not eating organic) at Aldi is very cost effective.


Brody and I are enjoying a chill night at home tonight. I made tacos and we are watching House Hunters and drinking red wine. Hope you have a great Friday night whether you are lame like me or exciting like me last weekend!

What are your least favorite or most favorite chores?
What grocery stores do you shop at?


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