“Feel Me Flow”

Is it strange that I am looking forward to my long run on Saturday morning? The weather is supposed to be beautiful and sunny. While my solo treadmill runs have been fine, the long runs are actually more fun: better scenery, good company, fresh air, and terrain variety.

On Tuesday, I needed to run four miles, and with the weather forecast predicting over sixty degrees, I made the choice to run after school. My friend Jena came over with her dog Ruger. The five of us (Moose and Frankie came along) ran two miles, but I had to do two more. My dogs have not trained enough to run four, so I set out alone…with no music.

At first I hated it. Listening to my breath as always freaked me out – it makes me feel tired. Once I got into the fourth mile, though, my breathing steadied and it was better. But I still kind of hated it. This is one reason (besides never being able to run a sub-4 marathon) that I would never run Boston.

Coincidentally, I read old issue of Runner’s World (December 2010) while on the treadmill this morning and came across an article with experts’ opinions on both sides of the running-with-music fence. Not surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with the pro-music expert. The idea I connected with the most discussed the “flow state” you get into while running, where everything is just working. To me it feels a little like an out of body experience, but the article explained it as being aware of and present in your body. The pro-music guy (or girl, I can’t remember) said music can help runners get into and stay in the flow.

Speaking of flow, another time I feel this “flow state” is when reading. You know when you become so immersed in a book that you are not aware of time or space? This is how I have tried to explain (to people who don’t run) the feeling I get when running long distances. I have been seeing my students get into this flow with The Hunger Games.

P.S. I already have plans to see the movie the day after it comes out!


I did not leave the building where I teach for twelve hours today, and I wrote most of this post while driving home (carpooling, so I am not driving). We had Parent Teacher conferences for a few hours and I had parents the entire time. This is good because the time flew by and I like meeting parents, but it was bad because my cheeks and mouth hurt from smiling and talking. We also had to attend a presentation/ceremony deal. Despite it being long, my day was good.

Tomorrow is Friday and will be a rest day for me. My workout schedule changed a little this week; I took the BodyFlow (lots of flow talk in this post) on Wednesday instead of BodyPump. My body was in need of a little downward dog action. Unlike previous weeks, I do not have a recovery run scheduled for Sunday. But it’s not like I have been doing them anyways. 🙂

Totally random, but if you get Living Social emails (just like Groupon), you have also gotten the deal for bustedtees.com. I wanted to check them out and laughed out loud at some of their shirts. Here are some of my favorites:

Oregon Trail anyone?

Really puts things into perspective.

I’m an English teacher who just finished Romeo and Juliet with freshmen today. Of course I would get a kick out of this one.

Have a great Friday! “See” you tomorrow!

Have you ever experienced “flow”? Explain 🙂
What is your favorite lunch to pack?
What shirt from bustedtees would you wear?


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